Why I Hate Online Shopping Ads?

In today’s world everyone loves to shop and look fashionable. Everyone means women, men, children, infants and even pets. Quotes like ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ feels like ancient language. Now-a-days first impression is considered as the single most important impression. So obviously the things which affect your first impression become the essentials!

We are told since childhood that to look better, one has to have a clear skin, clean clothes, neatly combed hair and tidy shoes. These are the basics and can be managed in anyone’s budget no matter how rich or poor you are. But the real challenge comes when you get ready in your own way to dazzle the world with your first impression and suddenly an ad pops on your laptop or tab or TV or smart phone saying if you DON’T use this specific product, your first impression won’t last. That cleverly crafted evil capitalist ad suddenly makes you the ugliest duckling of the world.

Your skin is not so clean anymore because it’s brown, tanned, has pimples and blackheads (which you never realized before). And most importantly you have not done the ‘no make up’ make up look before stepping outside! You belong to a lower middle class or poor family because your perfectly ironed kurta is not so perfect anymore as you got it from your city’s famous street bazar a year ago and it has touched your skin for more than 5 times (It doesn’t matter how much you like the fabric or color). You won’t get any guy’s attention if you are going to tie your hair in a single braid. You should at least use shampoo, conditioner, serum, hair mask, hair mist, hair gel and other 12 dozen hair oils. On top of that, kick off your comfort zone and keep your hair open. The above mentioned products will take care of the damages made by wind, sun, rain, sweat, dust and other tangling agents. And most important part of your first impression, are your shoes! Because whoever is meeting you for the first time doesn’t care about you. That person rather cares about what shoes you are wearing! So you should have matching shoes for every single pair of clothes you have!

These very direct messages are delivered to us by a number of online shopping portals through social media or traditional media forms. They give us the broad messages asking us to be yourself, to be who you are and meanwhile very swiftly they slide ‘their’ message saying if you use our product you’ll be yourself, if you use our product you’ll be who you’re. They tempt us to buy all those products which we clearly can’t afford to buy. The next thing we know, is that we are left with filling carts afters carts on different sites and the shopping bookmarks and apps on our laptop screens and phones keep growing. At some point we realize that we have entered in the haunted house of Frankenstein monster but its too late to back off now. We have already fallen in love with him & his disillusioned house and believe that whatever he says is right. So we keep looking, keep filling the carts, keep checking our bank balance at the end of each month, keep feeling sad and vulnerable for our poor wardrobe, keep wishing for more and more and more…

Even I fell for that Frankenstein a long time ago. Like any other person, even I like to flaunt new purchases. Sometimes my cautions helps me to say no and stops me from falling for these ads. But sometimes to save myself from the imaginary judgmental looks in other people’s eyes I give into the fake social pressure and BUY!




It’s Time to Grow Up 90’s Kids

I was born in 1993 which makes me a 90’s kid. Everyday I see at least 10 images or links bringing back the television, film, sport and other nostalgic memories from my childhood. I feel happy and linger in my nostalgia for a while when I read or see such things. But I have noticed that this nostalgia is turning into a well tailored criticizing movement. The posts I read are now targeting directly to every single thing that is not from the 90’s and telling me how meaningless, uncultured and delusional the new era is.

90's 1
Yes they have the technology which we didn’t

Every era has its worst and its best. So did the 90’s and so do the new millenniums. In entertainment industry, trends tend to repeat themselves. In the 90’s people danced on the DJ-made remix tracks on the melodious songs from 1950’s-1970’s. Today, people are dancing on the remix tracks of the 90’s. In the 90’s, the remixes came as individual albums, today they are incorporated in films. In the 90’s, we saw M TV and Channel V; today we and the next generation is sticking to you tube, hot star and netflix. The 90’s gave us many album singer, each song had a love story, they were extremely melodious. Today we have web series on every possible topic.

90's 3
The kids today have to struggle more than the kids of 90’s considering the competition

The 90’s were different and the millenniums are too. The 90’s kids didn’t had so much of access to internet, television, there were no smart phones and very few people had desktops in their homes. Today every one has a smart phone, every room has a HD TV, we are surrounded by the waves of wi-fi. If we had so much of technology in our era, we would have behaved the same way. Each era brings technological revolution with itself. We can’t judge it from that.

90's 2
We WERE!! Remember its past tense…

Being a 90’s kid, I don’t have the right to negatively criticize each and every thing the new millennium has to offer me. I was criticized by the kids of 60’s-70’s-80’s when I willingly listened and danced to the songs by DJ Aqil and Baby Doll. I justified myself at that time and today I am just being stubborn. I agree that I feel bad when I watch badly rapped-up remixes or children playing ludo in their I-pads but I (and other 90’s kids too) have to understand that this is how time works. We are not kids anymore. We have to adjust with the kids of this era as we were of the 90’s. They don’t want to watch Dexter or Power Puff Girls. How many of us will watch those shows now if they start to telecast the old shows again? The answer is no one. We are so used to the actions of the Avengers that if DD plays Shaktimaan again, we will laugh on it’s production value (which we used to love when we were kids) and change the channel within seconds. Yes the shows like Surabhi were great but no one wants to compromise watching Sasural Simar Kaa for Surabhi.

90's 4
Now I watch Game of Thrones…

Our choices and priorities changed, so did the entertainment. We have to stop seeing each and every thing through the glasses of 90’s and accept the change. We need to move on so that we can truly call ourselves the youth of the new millennium.

90's 5

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5 Tattoos For The Writer’s Soul

Everyone now a days wants to get inked. While some of us know exactly what they want, many spend hours thinking about the perfect design. A tattoo is something which stays with you life long. It’s a commitment far stronger and bigger than any relationship. People in our lives come and go but the ink on our body never leaves us. It supports, encourages, it never let you give up. That’s why instead of carving your own or your loved ones’ names, one should carve their real instincts. For a writer, there are many symbols, famous quotes and names available to ink on your body. But I have found these perfect pieces I believe every writer (who wants to get inked) should try.

  1. The ink and quill


2. The pencil


3. To get inspired


4. For the twists and turns


5. Because there is a lot to say post ‘Happily ever after’….


I an getting one of these soon. Which one are you getting? or all of them??

PC.: Internet

15 Apt Quotes to make 2017 a better year…

Everyone is writing about what to do in this coming year. People are making plans, promises, resolutions and what not. But many like me aren’t doing any of this because we know that making lists won’t help. All we need is a little push and confidence to make things happens. Something bad might happen this year with us, we’ll be faced with challenges we never expected, we may not have the opportunity to travel, we may spend our weekends working, we might remain single while our friends get married or we might end up having the picture perfect life!

So instead of making ‘to do’ or ‘resolution’ lists, I decided to dig up some quotes from the internet which will inspire us to dive in this new year of uncertainties.

1. A crown stands for power, confidence, elegance, style and prosperity. So enter the new year with an attitude like you own this world.


2. Single or engaged, do not think of yourself as a damsel in distress. Go out, explore the world, make new friends and tell yourself that you are lovely not lonely!!


3. People around you will try to control you, suppress your emotions, discourage you but don’t let them succeed. Always remember you are a human being with beauty and brain, not a machine with battery and remote.


4. No matter how busy you are, make sure you have time for yourself. Spoil your body and soul with books, clothes, good food and some meditation.


5. As I said, the year might not be perfect. So if you find yourself in the caught in the tunnels of depression, just hold on and be patient. Be with your friends and family and you will find your way to the wonderland.


6. Don’t give a damn about what people think. It’s their job and moral obligation to criticize you. Follow your instincts and be crazy.


7. Who says money can’t buy happiness? Even if you don’t have money, window shopping will always help you to keep calm and be happy.


8. The past is past. Don’t cry over your ex’s or the people you lost. Remember what their leaving taught you and embrace it with open arms.


9. Always listen to your heart no matter how stupid the suggestion will be. The heart way may have a lot of hurdles but at the end, you will find your utopia.


10. Get inked dude. That’s it!


11. No need to say anything on this one!!


12. Fat or thin? Who cares? Eat what you want. And those who keep an account of your food, invite them too. Let them taste the flavors life offer.


13. That’s the attitude I am talking about… Compliment those negative and annoying people or situations around you with these beautiful words.


14. Make your own decisions!


15. I will be writing this year about all those things which will go wrong and right. And those who will try to stop me, I’ll show them the attitude they deserve.



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My First Short Film: पूर्ण सुट्टी

‘पूर्ण सुट्टी’ ही माझी पहिली short फिल्म. मी सावित्रीबाई फुले पुणे विद्यापीठात DCS ला शिकत असताना बनवली. कविता महाजन ह्यांच्या ‘पूर्ण सुट्टी’ ह्या लघुतम कथेवर ही फिल्म आधारित आहे. एखाद्या साहित्यकृतीवर फिल्म बनवणे हे काही सोप्पे नाही हे मला ही फिल्म बनवताना प्रकर्षाने जाणवले. तरी हे माध्यमांतर जितके अवघड होते तितकेच ते करताना मजा देखील आली.

एका वर्षापूर्वी बनवलेली ही फिल्म आज मला परत शूट किंवा एडीट करायला मिळाली तर ती ह्या मूळ कृतीपेक्षा वेगळी असेल ह्यात शंका नाही. पण विद्यार्थीदशेत केलेल्या ह्या फिल्मच्या प्रवासात मी अनेक गोष्टी मी शिकले आणि त्या आठवणी मला जशाच्या तशा जपून ठेवायला आवडेल. त्यामुळे YouTube आणि ह्या ब्लॉगच्या माध्यमातून ही फिल्म तुमच्या पर्यंत पोहोचवण्याचा छोटा प्रयत्न.




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