Pain and Pleasure


The John and the Bentham are two sides of a coin
2 feet in one shoe,
That’s the struggling life of the two!

The Bentham is a chef,
He measures everything with one aspect
Pain and the pleasure are the cherry of his cake,
He serves everyone right to avoid any mistake…

The John is messy,
But with answers witty and sassy
Using words like utilitarianism he overcomes the Bentham
With Socrates and a pig by his side, he lets everyone fathom!

What is right and what is wrong?
Pain and pleasure to measure along…
This is what drives them apart,
This is what gives world a thought
As the Bentham indulges in quantitative narcissism
The John gives the world qualitative utilitarianism…



*the poem is in the reference of two different thoughts on the theory of Utilitarianism by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill


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