Sand Castles


I see myself standing in the sand as I keep mum
It doesn’t matter I move or be steady,
I feel myself drowning in the ambush of conundrum…

The skeleton is in the closet
The beast is still in the woods
I try to be optimistic,
Still unable to ignore my caution for pessimism…

Every minute of every day surrounded by the same walls and same people
Life refuses to change rejecting opportunities
So I keep staring at the mundane screen with a picture of sand castle…

Seeing me like this, people often quote Froude
But difficult theories never always work
I realize this now as I put another feather in the facades of therapy!

The silver lining of all these thoughts is asking me to be courageous
The sand castles and the feather bows protecting it asking me
Will I set myself free from the closet full of woods
Or let myself buried in the sand below my feet…


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