Summer brought the dust on the leaves
Wind, sun and water from the can came along
But the dust refused to move on!
Monsoon came running bearing the strong harsh sprinkles
But the adamant dust still isn’t ready to move on…

Its stealing their energy, their purity, the peaceful look on their faces
It considers itself as the beauty spots
The wind, sun and water think its imposing on…

I, stand here wondering what the leaves want?
Coming into the world far away from land, surrounded by black grills, roots into pots
Their childhood wasn’t a pleasure ride neither is the awful adulthood going on

They grew up on themselves throughout the winter,
Later the spring helped them to blossom
It was easy and comfortable as spring did all the work
But as the spring took off they felt helpless, insecure and alone!
They clutched the hands of the summer dust out of fear
The dust took the opportunity and made a promise which was rear
It crippled the leaves by promising never to leave
Crossed their heart and hoped to die

The wind, the sun and the water are trying to separate them
But the dust isn’t going anywhere!
The leaves are scared to let the dust go and be themselves
The world isn’t a place for alone, beautiful, fresh leaves… they know!

I wonder will the leaves have the courage to make a decision
I wonder will I help them make a decision?
I wonder will I ever make such a decision??



One comment

  1. Such a beautiful post… This wait for something new from you was worth…. Amazing 😍😍😍


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