It’s Time to Grow Up 90’s Kids

I was born in 1993 which makes me a 90’s kid. Everyday I see at least 10 images or links bringing back the television, film, sport and other nostalgic memories from my childhood. I feel happy and linger in my nostalgia for a while when I read or see such things. But I have noticed that this nostalgia is turning into a well tailored criticizing movement. The posts I read are now targeting directly to every single thing that is not from the 90’s and telling me how meaningless, uncultured and delusional the new era is.

90's 1
Yes they have the technology which we didn’t

Every era has its worst and its best. So did the 90’s and so do the new millenniums. In entertainment industry, trends tend to repeat themselves. In the 90’s people danced on the DJ-made remix tracks on the melodious songs from 1950’s-1970’s. Today, people are dancing on the remix tracks of the 90’s. In the 90’s, the remixes came as individual albums, today they are incorporated in films. In the 90’s, we saw M TV and Channel V; today we and the next generation is sticking to you tube, hot star and netflix. The 90’s gave us many album singer, each song had a love story, they were extremely melodious. Today we have web series on every possible topic.

90's 3
The kids today have to struggle more than the kids of 90’s considering the competition

The 90’s were different and the millenniums are too. The 90’s kids didn’t had so much of access to internet, television, there were no smart phones and very few people had desktops in their homes. Today every one has a smart phone, every room has a HD TV, we are surrounded by the waves of wi-fi. If we had so much of technology in our era, we would have behaved the same way. Each era brings technological revolution with itself. We can’t judge it from that.

90's 2
We WERE!! Remember its past tense…

Being a 90’s kid, I don’t have the right to negatively criticize each and every thing the new millennium has to offer me. I was criticized by the kids of 60’s-70’s-80’s when I willingly listened and danced to the songs by DJ Aqil and Baby Doll. I justified myself at that time and today I am just being stubborn. I agree that I feel bad when I watch badly rapped-up remixes or children playing ludo in their I-pads but I (and other 90’s kids too) have to understand that this is how time works. We are not kids anymore. We have to adjust with the kids of this era as we were of the 90’s. They don’t want to watch Dexter or Power Puff Girls. How many of us will watch those shows now if they start to telecast the old shows again? The answer is no one. We are so used to the actions of the Avengers that if DD plays Shaktimaan again, we will laugh on it’s production value (which we used to love when we were kids) and change the channel within seconds. Yes the shows like Surabhi were great but no one wants to compromise watching Sasural Simar Kaa for Surabhi.

90's 4
Now I watch Game of Thrones…

Our choices and priorities changed, so did the entertainment. We have to stop seeing each and every thing through the glasses of 90’s and accept the change. We need to move on so that we can truly call ourselves the youth of the new millennium.

90's 5

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