Visit Kerala’s Off Beat Destination : Thangassery

When we travel to a place, we always wish to visit an off beat destination rather than a crowded tourist destination. You don’t find these off beat destinations easily, you have to look hard for it. Sometimes these destinations may be a total disappointment or sometimes they will feel like paradise. I found out such a off beat paradise like destination in Kerala.

I had planned a big busy trip to Kerala with my friends. We visited all the famous regular touristy destinations. But I had decided that we will visit an off beat destination, where tourists go  but it’s not always their first choice. I asked internet to help me to find such one place, and the name of Thangassery Beach popped up!

Thangassery beach is located in the Kollam city of Kerala. It’s just 5-6 kms away from main city. It’s easily accessible by road and rail too. Thangassery hosts a huge light house, ruins of an old fort and a fairly crowded beach. The small town has its own ancient history which makes it even more special.

Panoramic View 1

We were living at the Summer House Holiday Home. Its located 3 kms away from the light house. Living at the holiday home felt like being in the heaven. The rates were cheap, rooms were huge and clean, food was testy and the view was BREATHTAKING. it was so amazing that we skipped our plans to visit the light house and fort and spent our time watching the sun set in the sea. We clicks 100s of photos posing on the rock body (which was working as a wall between the cottage and the sea).  Unfortunately we were there only for a day. I wish we could have stayed longer. But I am planning to visit and stay at the holiday home for a long time.

It will be absolutely fine if you miss a houseboat tour or a temple visit in Kerala. But mark my words, you don’t want to visit this awesome place.

Panoramic View 2

When we entered, we were tired, sticky and singing Bollywood songs:

The moment we got dramatic:

Video courtesy: Durgesh Parmarthi…


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