Where To Buy The Local Snacks (or chakhana) in Kerala?

Each town in Kerala has its own local taste. I always try to find hotels or stores where I can enjoy such local flavors. In my trip to Kerala, I found two such places where the shops were filled with local snacks and I wanted to buy the whole shop.

The AK Bakery in Kayamkulam city is filled with huge bags of snacks and sweets. You can buy more than 10 types of banana wafers, 2 types of jalebi, 3-5 types of badami halwa, achhapam and so many other Kerala delicacies (very difficult to pronounce thus difficult to spell for me) under one roof. The owners of the bakery are very helpful and suggest you the perfect snacks to buy. The bakery is located near Parabrahma Temple, Kayamkulam.

The other store I visited was in Thiruvananthpuram (also known as Trivandrum). The Maha Chips store in the capital city is located near the famous Padmanabham Temple. Suitable to its name, the store is huge. It offers you very different flavors of banana chips like salty, pepper, masala, garlic, chilli etc. They also have jack fruit jam, different types of chakalis, sweets, badami halwa. Each counter has a helper and the person helps you to pack the freshly made delicacies. The store is always over crowded and doesn’t have a parking space near by. So I would suggest you to walk to the store from the temple (the distance is hardly 50mtrs) and take only your wallet when you visit.

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