Being in the God’s Own Country 

I always wanted to explore Kerala to to find out why they call it the God’s Own Country. I started getting answers to my question the minute I entered the lush green state of Kerala.

I was traveling from Mumbai to Kayamkulam (a small town on the backwaters of Alleppi). I was fortunate enough to spend most of my time in Kerala with a bunch of Kerali families in Putupatthy village of Kayamkulam. 

The whole train journey was mesmerizing. We (me and my friends) enjoyed the amazing views through the train windows as we ate everything that IRCTC offered. We saw through the train that most of the houses were coloured in the matt shades of pink, green, purple or yellow. The small houses were not bigger than one storey. In Kerala, you can see small bungalows surrounded by gardens of banana and coconut trees. 

The houses comprise of 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen and 2 bathrooms (one inside house and one outside). The kitchen kadappas are slightly lower in height as compared to the maharashtrian kitchens I have seen. Each kitchen has a big stone grinder to grind chutteny and masalas. 

Living with Kerali people is not the only bliss of my stay here. I am writing this piece with enormous view of seren backwater body, numerous birds flying over my head with their sweet hummings, crabs walking by my side, huge coconut trees in the back and watching local fishermen catching fish at a distance. The water is touching the rock body I am sitting on, can hear the crackling sounds of pet ducks and chicken from the house I am living in, drums playing from the temple on the other shore. There is full range to our mobile phones, every house has a DTH connection and radio, speed boats and motors are also here. But I can only hear the voices nature is willing to give me. 

Now I understand why they call it God’s Own Country.

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