Traveling With Your Preiods On

We all love to travel but many times many women avoid traveling during their periods and miss on many opportunities. Jobs, career, workout, late hours, taking care of family, shopping, sex nothing stops us when we are on our periods. Then why should we skip travelling? Yes I know that those unbearable cramps, weird mood swings and fear of getting stains keep women away from traveling in ‘those days’. But if you plan neatly and pack your bag with proper ‘equipments’ to handle your period, you can have a blast on the roads!

Pack The Right Panties

If you are traveling with your periods on, never ever pack your fancy panties. In your travel, you will be walking, jumping around, sitting in different styles so you need a perfect panty to support the sanitary napkin or tampon you are wearing.

Adira provides special ‘Period Panties’ according to your flow needs. You can buy them from the nearest lingerie store or online from the link below:

Carry Painkillers

One should not take painkillers unless its really necessary. In travelling, the exhaustion of travel it self can add in your pain. So carry painkillers like combiflam but don’t take the pill unless you REALLY need it because it comes with its own sets of side effects, one being sleepiness.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Traveling in period can cause exhaustion and exhaustion can be dealt with either painkillers or by keeping your body hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you and fruits which are enriched with vitamin D to fight with exhaustion. When you eat outside make sure that along with local delicacies, you eat dishes with higher water level. Avoid eating too spicy food too.

Pin The Washrooms

Finding a clean washroom is a difficult but not an impossible task in India. Before leaving for your tour, use the Google maps to pin the washrooms or hotels/restaurants having washrooms on your route. Also make sure that you write online reviews about washroom services through various travel websites so that it will be helpful for other women travelers.

Sanitary Napkins/Tampons

While traveling make sure that you are using XL or XXL sized sanitary napkins. Use those napkins which are gel based, can hold the flow for long and most importantly don’t use the dry pads. Use pads with soft texture to avoid itching. I personally use Sofy Sidewalls anti bacteria pads to avoid infections and you can use it as long as eight hours straight.

Also I would recommend you to use tampons while traveling. When you use tampons, you don’t have to worry about them like sanitary napkins as they don’t slip or show lines on your tight pants. But do not use tampons on your heavy flow days if you are not used to as using tampons on heavy flow day may require you to change in every couple of hours which is not physible while traveling.

Learn how to use Tampons perfectly from the link below:

Heating Pads

These you can use while traveling and even at your home. But in travel they come real handy as they help you come over the nasty cramps quickly. You can buy the easy to use electric heating pad at your nearest medical store or online.

Avoid White

No matter what type of sanitary wear we use, we always have a fear of wearing white during periods. When we wear white, it becomes more than a piece of cloth: it becomes an Everest of distraction. So girls, I would sincerely suggest you not to wear white during traveling if you carry the fear of being stained.

PC.: Internet

To all the men, who read this article, if you are traveling with a woman on her periods, make sure that you don’t piss her off and help her out whenever needed.


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