Look Like a Fashionista When You Travel

Which girl doesn’t like to wear trendy and latest fashion? But when we travel, we try to avoid fashion to ensure our comfort and lose the heavy weight bags. This way we end up wearing same old t-shirts, jeans, track pants, one pair (mostly none) earrings and sport shoes. But what if I tell you that there are ways in which you can be trendy, look beautiful for those selfies and carry it all light weight back pack for the travel.

What is your Destination?

Always pack according to your destination. If you are going to a hill station, pack one sweater and more scarfs; if you are going to a beach, pack a pair of flip-flops with charmed anklets to get that sand foot selfy; if you are heading for the mountains, get long sized chex shirt and a multi-pocket jacket to go along with it.


Scarfs, a pair of sun glasses, a high bun, a fish tail braid, bracelet charms are the things which will suit any destination, any look and are very light weight.

Dress as the locals do…

In India, you can’t wear short or t-backs or sleeveless tops at every destination you visit. Indians don’t like much of a skin show and while traveling even you should avoid it. (I know girls should wear whatever they desire, but sometimes we have to keep our desires aside if we want to enjoy our trip instead of fighting the on lookers).

In many parts of India (specially Pune) girls tie their scarfs like this to protect their beautiful faces from dust, heat and pollution!

When you visit a destination, you tend to shop local products. When you buy some local jewelry or a piece of cloth, make sure you wear it in your trip. It will give your picture album a different look and also it’ll bring you closer to the local environment.

The comfort level

We travel to relax our mind and soul, to enjoy the surrounding and nature. While traveling we make sure that our food and stay is comfortable. But many times we tend to ignore our clothing. Dress as casual as you can. Your regular Sunday brunch look or movie date look is the most comfortable look which you should carry when you travel.

When I was travelling to Ajintha-Ellora caves, I preferred a lose kurta-legin look instead of a jeans and t-shirt along with shoes instead of flip-flops or fancy chappals.

Take out those summer dresses, comfy pants even your gym t-shirts, lose kurtas and sneakers to get that comfort while traveling.

The accessories

Every girl has a big box of accessories in her closet which includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, head-bands, rings and much more. But we never carry the accessories while traveling, except we have to attend a social gathering. We always think that we might misplace our favorite jewelry pieces while traveling or it will be difficult to travel with taking care of those accessories on your body. But while traveling you don’t have to carry your whole box. Match the accessory pieces with the clothes you are packing, box up some travel themed weight less jewelry, avoid long neck pieces and stoned rings.

Shop for the Travel Lust Sugar Box on the link below which include Travel Essentials:



And at the end of it all, just BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE!



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