The Remote Life: For ‘Working’ Travelers

When we plan our trips to someplace, we usually don’t carry our work with us. We divide our work load before and after trip. But what if I tell you that you can have a trip where you can take your work along with you and still enjoy the destination along with it’s local charm??

Yes, this is possible because of Nishchal Dua’s ‘The Remote Life’ initiative. All those freelancers, entrepreneurs, businessman, people who work from home, who want to give time for their peaceful hobbies or just want a quite month to read the pile of books in the corner, The Remote Life is a blessing for you.


The Remote Life does not provide you work but it provides you the ideal work place.For coming three months The Remote Life is taking working travelers to Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. A group of 30 different travelers will stay together in a fully furnished villa or a cottage (travelers will have their private rooms); high speed wifi with private space to work; well stocked kitchen; they will arrange community workshops, group dinners, local programs and many more adventurous things for the group!

You just have to pay USD $1300 per month (one destination) which will include 24*7 work space with high-speed internet, stay in private bedroom in villa/apartment, flights between your destinations, visa, insurance & local SIM, daily local cuisine/meals, airport pickup & drop, community events, professional workshops, meetup with local entrepreneurs, peaceful environment for your work and lots of fun! It will be like living in  a big boss house but without a big boss and people with much more sensibility.

And please don’t worry if you are scared or not sure about living with 29 strangers under one roof for one whole month. The Remote Life team does a background check on every traveler they are inviting. The team makes sure that you get to live with a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. They also provide 2 ambassadors of them with the travelers: one local and one from their core team. If you are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to some food items, don’t worry! They will make sure that you get your required diet. Even if you have any medical emergency, the ambassadors are there to help you out.

The Remote Life Team

This is a best way to enjoy a part of the word. You get to spend ample amount of time at one place with the locals, get a chance to understand their culture closely, travel around as long as you want and without taking a break from your work! The Remote Life gives you a chance to control the way you want to travel and live at a destination. You can open your laptop and work whenever you want or you can go for long walks in the city you are staying.

All the working professionals out there, it’s time to leave your cubicles and become a working traveler! Click on the link below, reserve spots in 7 days and pack your bags for a work trip!

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  1. Remote Life is a spectacular initiative by Mr. Dua. It will not only help in the growth but will also ensure that the work environment so provided is as per traveler’s requirements. This initiative is definitely an icing on the cake for workaholic as well as travelholics who wish to do the two at a same time.


  2. The distinguishing spectacle that Mr. Nischal Dua has introduced to the common people through ‘The Remote Life’, has managed to rouse my inquisitiveness to acquire knowledge about its functioning. A careful glimpse at the article has enabled me to apprehend that completing assignments within the enclosure of four walls of the office room is truly tiresome. Contrasting to this fact, ‘The Remote Life’ is furnishing a platform to help the workers to liberate themselves from the paddock of the claustrophobic and drab daily routine., permitting license to take up travel as their major work. Personally, I believe , a fee of USD 1300 per month is minimal when the company takes care of the rest of the formalities including the presence of the ambassadors to foster for the needs of the travellers. A keen investigation and exploration of new sites, cuisines, local inhabitants by these travel-workers along with 29 other fellow travellers, will make them experience a trouvaille, that would aid in broadening their mind and spirit. By doing this, they would receive ample opportunities to face new challenges and learn to cope up and encounter different difficult situation. Furthermore, this does not require to take a break from or quit the job. As I came across the ‘digital nomads’, I realized and appreciated the fact that while they travel and work, they are able to learn and grow internally. Every circumstance will be a beneficial lesson in the book of ‘life’ of the travel-workers. A heartfelt gratitude to ‘The Remote Life’ for gifting us a coalesce of work and travel, thus aiding to achieve serendipity.


  3. Is it just me or have many of you wondered how people on social media could travel all their life without ever worrying about their bank balance?
    No doubt, this is the best thing that could have come to my knowledge these days.
    This opportunity is nothing but the biggest chance for a traveller to pursue a new lifestyle.
    Getting to live in a completely different surrounding without having to quit or take a break from your job is what a person want.
    Think of it as you get to shift to a new place every month like you’re shifting your home and not having to bother your work.
    Moreover, The Remote Life, taking care of everything (I mean everything, from a basic sim card to your accommodation), acts as packers and movers for a so-called ‘working’ traveller.
    I hope to be among one of the invitees soon.

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  4. As amazing as travelling is,most of us think we need to wait until our later years to really explore a lot of the world. I want to inspire you to travel more now and not to worry for your work anymore. Need convincing? Well Remote Life is here to make sure work from home now goes work from visiting South Asia.


  5. An amazing opportunity for those who feel suffocated by their offices and cubicles. This is the opportunity to break away from the shackles of your office and make the world your office. The remote life also takes over all the hassles of planning and bookings plus the reduction of the major problem of finding vegetarian food outside India :p . This opportunity really helps you grow. It is rightly said that growth never stops and who can be a better teacher than the world. Also the remote life brings out the true meaning of traveling i.e to live like the locals. The remote life offers the opportunity to live in the country rather than just seeing the country.


  6. This is the kind of programme, which, if clicks, can eat a huge pie from the ‘travel booking’ industry. The benefits that The Remote Life is offering seem unparalleled. Taking care of every customer need from housing and company to my mobile’s sim card? Boy, that’s too good an offer to reject. Sounds perfect for the traveller who wants a certain comfort level on their work-play trip but doesn’t want to spend big bucks on overpriced hotels.


  7. Whenever I used to think about a job, a picture of cubicle or a typical workplace used to come in my mind. All of us need a happening workspace for work and who can forget vacations! Vacations are the ones we crave for, aren’t we? So Remote Life is the genie who has fulfilled our wish. It is giving professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and every wanderer at heart a work vacation. A great blend of holidays, work and whole bunch of new friends. It is having a solution for every possible thing you come across at a holiday. No fear of strangers having different interests than you, because they screen every application. So basically, remote life will give us a refreshing work environment. It is going to be the most favourite vivid memory for the participant.This initiative will help people to understand cultures, exchange out of the box ideas, explore new cuisines, becoming a creative employee. Splendid!


  8. Never has a venture so beautifully amalgamated work and travel.The Remote life is definitely a one stop destination for every travel enthusiast.The creators have diligently gone through the entire itinerary with fine-tooth comb.The captivating article has exceptionally highlighted how Remote Life works to serve uninhibited joy to every soul grinding to make it through!


  9. This idea of work along with travelling is the best opportunity one can get. Every person loves to travel and to explore new places before they die but don’t know how to balance out their hobby of travelling around the world with their responsibilities. Remote life is providing such a great opportunity to all those who love travelling but don’t want to fulfill their dream at the expense of their responsibilities. The best part of this concept is that one will get the know many other people who have same interests like you. No other deal can get better than this one.


  10. This is a life changing opportunity for the peeps who have to sacrifice their hobby of traveling just because of their workload.This indeed is a both learning and fun experience. Via this People don’t have to give upon their dream of exploring the world due to their worry of excessive work.The Remote Life which is providing all the luxurious sources is just like a cherry on the cake thing. No one would ever want to miss this one in a life time opportunity which includes fun and exploring the world while doing their work side by side.


  11. This is a life changing opportunity for the peeps who have to sacrifice their hobby of traveling just because of their workload.This indeed is a both learning and fun experience. Via this People don’t have to give upon their dream of exploring the world due to their worry of excessive work.The Remote Life which is providing all the luxurious sources is just like a cherry on the cake thing. No one would ever want to miss this one in a life time opportunity which includes fun and exploring the world while doing their work side by side.


  12. Theremotelife has come up with a remarkable concept of traveling. Transportation, communication and network facilities, everything is being well taken care of. This concept of ‘working while traveling’ is certainly thoughtful and invaluable for adventure-seeking workaholics!


  13. This iniative will allow a working professional discover a part of the world closely without hampering with the work schedule. It is a complete package of travel and work for any working individual. Nothing else can be better than a working trip where you can do your office work while making new friends and exploring new places.
    This is a great opportunity for those who loves to travel but do not want to compromise with the work.


  14. A popular Arabic saying says that “He who travels, sees”, but to most of us travelling is merely a distant dream which we postpone to our after retirement days, and wanderlust is only a tattoo we get in the name of being a travel fanatic. The Remote Life is giving us an impeccable platform to earn while travelling, to not worry about our stringent 9-5 jobs, and take a step ahead. Mankind strives to make things better and convenient with every upcoming generation and this platform is simply revolutionary. Imagining sipping on your favorite French wine and working away from draining work spaces, with a great ambiance and good food with good company, sounds like a dream? Well, it really isn’t! All you have to do is join us at The Remote Life and be a passionate worker. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to mix business and pleasure!


  15. Its a huge relief for people who loves travelling, that they can manage their work too while visiting new places. And this is only possible because of Remote Life. Services provided by them are also awesome. They take care of everything helping us to relax and work and also to mingle with the locals. They take care of our food habits and safety and security. So given a chance I would surely like to try Remote life once in my lifetime.


  16. I loved the idea of traveling and exploring life in a better way.I love adventure and this idea is surely one
    such.Rather than doing my work always sitting in my office with a laptop.Am Like why can’t I do my work plus make some friends ? A great learning platform too.

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  17. I think this is a great opportunity to travel as well as work simultaneously and with the expenses so low, it’s a dope package. Experience exciting new stuff and work at the same time, it can’t get any better!

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  18. This seems like a great opportunity for people seeking a change or shift over in their work module.The basic tensions of going with a group or living with people are responsibilities for things which here are taken care by the remote life.It is quite a good deal for elevating the human inside a person.Socialising, making connections and travelling all together makes it quite a handsome offer.

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  19. A supreme dose for the people who craves for wanderlust. For there are thousands of people living out there dreaming such life. Life same as the Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ style.
    The remote life provides an opportunity to people who works for their passion. This program is for those who simply can’t fit into locked air conditioned office cubicle with the monotonous work like a dull.
    The Remote Life will give an exposure to meet the different people, where there will be hell lot of things one can learn there.
    Perks of being a part of The Remote Life-
    #A dream workspace
    #An opportunity to live with 29 different traveller
    #Different traveller means different countries, different stories, different language, different food, different culture, different process of thoughts as well. Too much learning stuff out there.
    Who knows this one trip with The Remote Life could be a life changing event for the traveller. 🙂

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