Experience Vincent Van Gogh in Cinema and VR

Today I had the pleasure of knowing Vincent Van Gogh’s story on silver screen, roaming through Van Gogh’s painting and experience his characters and colours from a distance of a blink that too under one roof.

Yes you read it right. The ‘Van Gogh Art in Cinema and VR’ gave me such an incredible opportunity. The screening and VR session was organized by the Enghliten VR team at Bombay Art Society, Bandra.

Vincent Van Gogh

The movie:

Lust of Life (1956) directed by Vincent Minnelli was screened at the event. The movie tells the life story of Van Gogh. His madness, his loneliness, his obsession with golden yellow, his travels, his friends and family. After watching the movie, I strongly felt that to make some insane work you have to be a little insane.


The VR:

I just don’t have words to explain how I felt (and still having the same feeling) after watching Van Gogh’s finest work in VR. I literally walked through the rooms of his painting, felt his subjects moving around me (thanks to the 3D effect in VR), my ears felt the tunes Van Gogh’s musicians were playing in that painting. We see in many movies that a real life character goes into a painting and experience the adventures within the wooden frame on that canvas. This was exactly the same.

I have experienced the VR technology twice before but today it was a totally new experience.

The Starry Night
The Night Cafe

The Enlighten team is having some more VR session in coming week. I am giving the Facebook link to the event.



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