Travel Shots 12: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Year of Release: 2001

Director: Karan Johar

Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan

It’s a blockbuster movie from the 90’s we all have seen several times. Now many of you may criticize the movie harshly in public but you are the same person who can’t switch the channel when the movie is on. It’s a pure entertaining family drama.  No other Bollywood film has ever hasdsuch a huge star cast as Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham aka K3G. Even Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan plays the young Rahul in the movie. The film still holds the record of one of the highest grossing films worldwide. It was highly praised for its visual richness and actor’s performance. The movie was shot extensively at Mumbai, London and Egypt. The film was shot at multiple locations throughout these cities but in this article, I will be concentrating on few major locations with important scenes.


Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, England

The super rich Raichand family is shown living in their own huge castle. The Waddesdon Manor is used to represent the dreamy Raichand house. The inside of the mansion was developed from scratch in a studio at Mumbai to double as the home of the Raichand family.  The Manor was built between 1874 and 1889 as a weekend house.

Raichand house
The Raichand House
aryan khan
Aryan Khan as young Rahul

Chandani Chowk

Two of the leading ladies from the film are shown living in the famous Chandani Chowk of Delhi. Many song sequences and scenes with comedy and emotional drama took place at Chandani Chowk. But the cast and the crew never entered the real Chandani Chowk for filming. The huge set of Chndani Chowk was built at a studio in Mumbai, just like the insides of the Raichand House. The art team had to build 17-18 different sets as Karan Johar wanted the movie to be larger than life and visually real in every frame. No wonder the movie cost went up to 400 million Rupees.

The Great Pyramids, Giza Plateau, Egypt

Suraj Hua Madham became the national anthem of romantic numbers. Anjali (Kajol) and Rahul are seen dancing on the tunes at various locations across Egypt. Anjali can be seen donning the beautiful orange dress in front of the pyramids of Giza. Because of the weather as well as the tourist crowd issues the crew had to shoot in the early morning just for two hours. It obviously stretched the Egypt schedule of the film.

Anjali on the background of the Pyramid

Bahariya White Desert, Bahariya Oasis, Giza, Egypt

 The splendid Bahariyas or the White Desert in the Western Deserts of Egypt can also be seen in the song Suraj Hua Madham. Anjali wearing her beautiful netted white saree and Rahul in blue and white combinations give us cool vibes on the hot background. The place is approximately 300km away from Cairo.

bahariya desert
The White Desert

The Western Desert, Egypt

The Western Desert covers about 700,000 square kilometres and accounts for about two-thirds of Egypt’s land area. The song Suraj Hua Madham was also shot at another end of the western desert. The location bleeding yellow light is mesmerising. The crater can be seen in the background when Rahul is hugging Anjali.

western desert
Romancing through the desert

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

Deewana Hai Dekho song was shot at multiple locations. It’s the song where handsome grown up Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) is dancing around the sexy college babe Poo aka Pooja (Kareen Kapoor Khan). The song starts at the Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire which is shown as the couple’s college. Students dancing on the tunes of the song on the stairs and the final aerial shots were taken at this location. It was the first Indian film to be shot there.

A place to dance; not study

British Museum, London, England, UK

The fast tune dance piece in the song Deewana Hai Dekho performed by Rohan, followed by Poo’s lines in fake British accent was shot here. The museum was established in 1973. But the structure we see in the song was built much later, in 2007, as a part of reconstruction. The roof we see is known as the Great Court Roof which is a part of the Reading Room.

The British Museum
british museum
Dancing on the stairs

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Rohan, being the dashing hero is shown playing Rugby with his buddies in the song Deewana Hai Dekho at the Millennium Stadium. No wonder with those moves and a great play he impressed the cheer leaders and left Poo jealous.

Millennium Stadium

Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, England

The most emotionally powerful scene of the movie is in the second half. The scene where Rahul and his mother meet after ten year at a mall makes me cry even today. The scene was shot at the famous Bluewater Shopping Mall. When people got to know that Shahrukh, Kajol, Amitabh and other superstarts from the film are shooting at the mall, they gathered in huge numbers. Soon the crowd became uncontrollable and the authorities had to tell the crew to stop filming and leave.


blue water
The emotional Scene
blue water 1
Blue Water Shopping Mall



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