Travel Shots 9: Bachana Ae Haseeno

Year of release: 2008

Director: Siddharth Anand

Actors: Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone, and Minissha Lamba

What can I say about this movie? A man, who always runs away from commitments and ‘love’, falls in love. In his running away period he breaks hearts of two beautiful women. When his heart is broken, he realizes his mistakes and he sets on a journey to apologize to the ladies. He struggles, apologizes and undoes all the wrong things he did with their lives. When he comes back, he find out that the lady who rejected him has realized her mistake (just like he did) and they come together and live happily ever after.


I love the movie only because of two things: costumes and the beautiful locations. The movie takes you through half of the glob in just three hours. It’s a joyous ride you can’t miss. Various locations from Europe, Australia, Amritsar and Mumbai are eye candy for any travel freak. One can’t imagine better locations than these for a rom-com.

The Promenade, Gstaad, Obersimmental-Saanen, Bern, Switzerland

Raj plays the DDLJ tune to a group of people on the streets of Gstaad to woo Mahi. Mahi hears the tunes and falls in love with Raj as she watches him play her favourite tune.

raj singing
Raj Playing the famous DDLJ tune

Rougemont Railway Station and Rougemount City, Vaud, Switzerland

Just like Kajol in DDLJ, Mahi misses her train. Raj sees this and comes back to rescue. There they both decide to hire a bike and start their trip to Zurich. The song Ahista Ahista starts here and travels through the antique town of Rougemont which is known for its wooden chalets and rich culture.

Switzerland  Vaud  Rougemont
The Rougemount Square

Gstaad, Obersimmental-Saanen, Bern, Switzerland

Aahista Aahista song has all the picture perfect scenes from Switzerland. The locations where Raj and Mahi are riding on a scooter were shot at Gstaad.

gstaad swis
Going through the Mountains

Gstaad-Glacier 3000, Obersimmental-Saanen, Bern, Switzerland

In the song Ahista Ahista Raj and Mahi are shown enjoying the dog sledging and the Alpine Coaster. You can enjoy the Dog Sledging trip where 6 to 10 dogs pull the large sled. One ride costs 9 CHF i.e. around 614 Indian Rupees.

dogs swiss
Dog Sledging
coaster swiss
The Alpine Coaster

One part of the song was also shot at the world’s highest toboggan run: The Alpine Coaster, which is one of the biggest attractions at the Glacier 3000. The coaster gives you beautiful views of the Montblanc, the Matterhorn and the Jungfrau mountains. 520° circles, 10 somewhat steep curves, 6 waves and 3 jumps, speeds of up to 40 km/hour on a one kilometre stretch is the craziest adventure one can ever have. It costs 9 CHF i.e. around 614 Indian Rupees per person.

Early Beck, Gstaad, Switzerland

As the Raj-Mahi love story is based on DDLJ, it covers many locations we saw in the movie. Just like the Early Beck. There is a scene where Raj and Mahi are hungry, so they go to this bakery eat a lot of chocolates by pretending that they will buy them eventually. When they are full, they just run away leaving the baker in shock.


Hotel J.K. Place Capri, Capri, Campania, Italy

The posh 5 start hotel JK Place was used as Shreya’s mansion.  The hotel gives you stunning views of bay of Naples. The hotel is located on the Capri Island overlooking the beach of Marina Grande.

shreya mansion capri
Shreya at her mantion

Fontana Della Barcaccia

Fontana Della Barcaccia means the Fountain of Ugly Boat. This fresh water fountain is loacated at Piazza di Spagna in Rome. A part of the song Small Town Girl was shot here. Radhika is bored and she tells Raj to dance for her. Raj dances infront of the fountain and tries to entertain Radhika by doing all the famous Bollywood dancing steps.

Fontana Della Barcaccia

Ponte Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy

Ponte Sant’Angelo means the bridge of angels. It was built in 134AD Roman Emperor Hadrian. In the song Small Town Girl we can see Radhika cycling on this bridge. And Raj follows her, running, holding a napkin and a glass of Orange juice in his hand.

bridgerome bridge

Piazza Della Rotonda, Rome, Italy

Piazza means a city square. It’s a square located in front of the Pantheon. In Greek language Pantheon means ‘the temple of every god’. We can see this beautiful square, full of people in the song Small Town Girl where Raj is running with shopping bags and coffee in his hands for Radhika.


Piazza San Marco, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Piazza San Marco is also known as St. Marks Square. It is said that Napoleon called the piazza as the ‘drawing room of Europe’ and I totally agree. Built in 1720, the piazza is a paradise for architects. The romantic number Khuda Jaane shot between Raj and Gayatri starts at this location. Besides this song, the piazza has been a favourite place for many Bollywood directors to shoot various song sequences.

square italykhuda jaane piazza

Alberobello Trulli, Bari, Puglia, Italy

Alberobello is a small town in Puglia in southern Italy, famous for its Trulli. Trulli is a plural for Trullo which means a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof. The Trulli are now protected by UNESCO. Gayatri and Raj are shown playing little game of hide and seek in the song Khuda Jaane at this location.


tuli 1

The Grand Canala, Venice, Italy

Some say that Venice is the sewage of Italy. But please don’t be judgemental about this beautiful city of huge canals. There are water buses and water taxis for public transport. Amazing isn’t it?? And they also have beautiful Gondolas for tourists. Gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat propelled by a gondolier.Six people can share the Gondola ride at a time. It costs 80 Euros for a 40 minutes ride i.e. 6050 Indian rupees. But if you go after 7pm, it will cost you 100 Euros i.e. 7560 Indian rupees for a ride.


In the song Khuda Jaane we can see Gayatri and Raj cuddling on the Gondola. Well, all I can think right now is thank god Raj paid for the trip. Gayatri is ambitious and self made but she just couldn’t afford for this over priced Gondola ride on her taxi and supermarket job salaries.

Vignanotica Bay, Foggia, Puglia, Italy

The Vignanotica Bay, a pebble beach surrounded by many grottos, that can be reached from the sea or following a path cut through Mediterranean vegetation and Aleppo pines, also called Baia dei Gabbiani for the presence of innumerable seagulls. On the hill behind the beach, the whole valley is covered with Olive trees. The grottos became the signature image of the song. Grottos are the natural caves we can see by the sea.


Faraglioni di Mattinata

In Italian, Faraglioni means stacks. Its a geographical phenomenon. Its a coastal and oceanic rock formation, eroded by sea waves. Mattinata is a famous sea side resort town in southern Italy. The Faraglioni at Mattinata beach are scenic and very romantic. Raj and Gayatri are shown romancing on the same sea shore. Behind them we can see the grottos and other huge rock structures eroded by sea and wind.


Gargnao Apulia, Italy

Gargnao is a sub-region of Foggia in the south-east Italy. This mountaing area is partly covered with the ancient forest Foresta Umbra. The mountain and the beach view can be seen in few shots of the song Khuda Jaane.

last image

Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

Raj decorates the whole Archibald Fountain square with candles, gets on his knee and proposes Gayatri. But unfortunately Gayatri declines his request and leaves him in a state of shock and tears. There he realizes that how Radhika and Mahi must have felt when he dumped them.

hyde park

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Raj and Gayatri can be seen partying in front of the Opera House. It was built in 1973. Many people think that it’s a building with a single venue but actually it comprises multiple performance stages. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

opera house



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