10 Things You Experience Traveling With Your Mother

We travel for various reasons and with various people. But when we are travelling with our mother, the whole definition of travel changes. Everyone thinks that you two travelling together will help to bring you two closer. But something more than that happens. So here I made a list of things which happen when we travel with our mother and I am sure that every one of you have experienced it in bits and pieces.

Food Overload

There are various types of tours. Adventure, sports, pilgrimage or touring around the city sightseeing. Be it any kind of tour, with your mom it comes with a sub-category called ‘Food Tour’. She packs a lot of food to eat when you travel. It doesn’t matter you are travelling for two days or twenty days, she makes sure that you won’t sleep empty stomach on any day. From biscuits to fruits, parathas and pickle, chips and chocolates (of course the healthy once) she gets everything. And all these items increase the number of our bag count by one.

The food tour is just isn’t about what you have to carry from home. It’s also about what you buy in your trip. Wherever you go, your mom will hunt a shop down where they sell local masalas, papad and other delicacies. She seeks our opinion on the food products she is buying though we will not be able to cook any of it. And mark my words; the opinion should be good and positive.

mom's tiffin
Mom’s Tiffin

The Extra Baggage

She never travels light. Her bag is full with extra clothes, medicines, shawls, sweaters, scarves, books and toiletries. Obviously her bag isn’t big enough to fit all these items in, so she turns to you. You have to accommodate the other extra things in your bag like extra pair of sandals, gifts for friends and family you might be visiting, the extra laundry bags. This surely flushes down your plan of travelling light.

travel bags
Extra Bags

Packing in Compartments

No matter how much you try, you will never learn to pack a bag neatly when your mother is around you. When she comes to you to give you the extra stuff to pack in your bag and you refuse, man you get ‘the look’. The look tells you that now she will take over and pack your things. This is a nightmare to everyone. Meanwhile she lecture you that you are a grown up and you should learn to pack your own bags now, every time she will warn you that this is the last time she is packing for you, she will threw away half of the things you packed which will give you a heartache, and when she asks you why you need it you will find yourself without a proper answer (even if you have one it won’t work on her). Because she packs in compartments, all neat and clean, you will find your things easily. You don’t have to dig up the whole suitcase to find one toothbrush. At such moments you thank your mother willingly (but only in your mind).

compartment bags
With mom, you can carry the drawers

Adjustment? What’s That?

When we travel alone or with friends, we do a lot of adjustments. Like for hotel rooms, travelling mode, food, shopping and sightseeing. But with mother on board, there is no word called ‘adjustment’ in your travel manual. She wants it all perfect. And she won’t even mind spending some extra money to get it right. She can even get into fights on the issues like late room service, bad AC in your car, unclean tourist places and even the sun or the snow. The fights and arguments will drive you nuts even embarrass you but at the end of it when you get the best service the earlier clashes won’t matter.

She is the Decision Maker

Which destination, where to stay, how to go, when to go, what to eat, whom to choose as your travel guide: these 5 W’s and 1 H comes along when you travel with your mom. She is your boss and nominates herself as the decision maker. There is no democracy in this realm. You have to follow her blindly whether you like it or not. She will ask your opinions time to time but very few will be actually considered.

Money Matters

It doesn’t matter you are the money maker or not, each and every penny you spend will come from her purse. She spends on food, travel, accommodation and shopping. If you are earning you will feel a little awkward to make her spend everywhere but she doesn’t take it as an obligation. She even puts some money in your hands, if you want to spend. But you use it only to pay for the cups of tea you drink while travelling.  This way the remaining money goes into your little savings piggy bank.

Finances in her hands

Always Keeping an Eye on You

She is keeping an eye on your every move. Where you go, with whom you talk, where your eyes are boggling. This can be irritating sometimes. If you are on the phone for too long, you will hear some bad words from her. But when she secretly buys the goodies you were checking out at the gift shop, being her eye candy doesn’t concern anymore.

She Tries to Get the ‘Information Out’

Your mom doesn’t need to file an application of RTI to get your dirty secrets out. She will start the conversation casually and you will end up spilling your beans. She gets it all out, whom you use to date, who you are interested in, about your friends and even sometimes she plays the V card. And trust me you can’t get away from her. There are no doors or windows here to run away. You have to answer her. These little tricks can be a pain your ass but later you feel relieved. Because secrets don’t keep you close, the truth makes the bond more special.

Do You Have One?

Take Care of All the Important Things

Your passports, tickets, visas, hotel reservations, car bookings and extra expenses all are taken care of by her. You don’t need a travel agency to arrange all things. Your supermom is capable to do it all by herself. She makes lists of to do things, packing items, itinerary, important contacts and a check list to make sure that everything is done. She plans and make sure that the plan will execute neatly. Her multi layered multi tasking will make you envy her. No matter how much you try you will never be able to compete with her.

check list
Pen and Paper

Ban on Singing Lovebirds

You can’t talk to your lovey dovey by just sneaking out to buy milk or to recharge your phone. Coz those tricks won’t work when you are travelling. You have to compromise on whats app and messengers. You may have to face numerous fights due to this but you can’t help it. You can’t talk to him or her in front of your mother. As your mom is already keeping a close eye on you, you don’t want her to suspect anything. You just wait when she will go for her bath or she goes into a specific shop where you don’t want to go or you just crave for a few minutes alone.

on phone
Long Distance Relationships

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