Travel Shots 9: Bachana Ae Haseeno

Year of release: 2008

Director: Siddharth Anand

Actors: Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone, and Minissha Lamba

What can I say about this movie? A man, who always runs away from commitments and ‘love’, falls in love. In his running away period he breaks hearts of two beautiful women. When his heart is broken, he realizes his mistakes and he sets on a journey to apologize to the ladies. He struggles, apologizes and undoes all the wrong things he did with their lives. When he comes back, he find out that the lady who rejected him has realized her mistake (just like he did) and they come together and live happily ever after.


I love the movie only because of two things: costumes and the beautiful locations. The movie takes you through half of the glob in just three hours. It’s a joyous ride you can’t miss. Various locations from Europe, Australia, Amritsar and Mumbai are eye candy for any travel freak. One can’t imagine better locations than these for a rom-com.

The Promenade, Gstaad, Obersimmental-Saanen, Bern, Switzerland

Raj plays the DDLJ tune to a group of people on the streets of Gstaad to woo Mahi. Mahi hears the tunes and falls in love with Raj as she watches him play her favourite tune.

raj singing
Raj Playing the famous DDLJ tune

Rougemont Railway Station and Rougemount City, Vaud, Switzerland

Just like Kajol in DDLJ, Mahi misses her train. Raj sees this and comes back to rescue. There they both decide to hire a bike and start their trip to Zurich. The song Ahista Ahista starts here and travels through the antique town of Rougemont which is known for its wooden chalets and rich culture.

Switzerland  Vaud  Rougemont
The Rougemount Square

Gstaad, Obersimmental-Saanen, Bern, Switzerland

Aahista Aahista song has all the picture perfect scenes from Switzerland. The locations where Raj and Mahi are riding on a scooter were shot at Gstaad.

gstaad swis
Going through the Mountains

Gstaad-Glacier 3000, Obersimmental-Saanen, Bern, Switzerland

In the song Ahista Ahista Raj and Mahi are shown enjoying the dog sledging and the Alpine Coaster. You can enjoy the Dog Sledging trip where 6 to 10 dogs pull the large sled. One ride costs 9 CHF i.e. around 614 Indian Rupees.

dogs swiss
Dog Sledging
coaster swiss
The Alpine Coaster

One part of the song was also shot at the world’s highest toboggan run: The Alpine Coaster, which is one of the biggest attractions at the Glacier 3000. The coaster gives you beautiful views of the Montblanc, the Matterhorn and the Jungfrau mountains. 520° circles, 10 somewhat steep curves, 6 waves and 3 jumps, speeds of up to 40 km/hour on a one kilometre stretch is the craziest adventure one can ever have. It costs 9 CHF i.e. around 614 Indian Rupees per person.

Early Beck, Gstaad, Switzerland

As the Raj-Mahi love story is based on DDLJ, it covers many locations we saw in the movie. Just like the Early Beck. There is a scene where Raj and Mahi are hungry, so they go to this bakery eat a lot of chocolates by pretending that they will buy them eventually. When they are full, they just run away leaving the baker in shock.


Hotel J.K. Place Capri, Capri, Campania, Italy

The posh 5 start hotel JK Place was used as Shreya’s mansion.  The hotel gives you stunning views of bay of Naples. The hotel is located on the Capri Island overlooking the beach of Marina Grande.

shreya mansion capri
Shreya at her mantion

Fontana Della Barcaccia

Fontana Della Barcaccia means the Fountain of Ugly Boat. This fresh water fountain is loacated at Piazza di Spagna in Rome. A part of the song Small Town Girl was shot here. Radhika is bored and she tells Raj to dance for her. Raj dances infront of the fountain and tries to entertain Radhika by doing all the famous Bollywood dancing steps.

Fontana Della Barcaccia

Ponte Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy

Ponte Sant’Angelo means the bridge of angels. It was built in 134AD Roman Emperor Hadrian. In the song Small Town Girl we can see Radhika cycling on this bridge. And Raj follows her, running, holding a napkin and a glass of Orange juice in his hand.

bridgerome bridge

Piazza Della Rotonda, Rome, Italy

Piazza means a city square. It’s a square located in front of the Pantheon. In Greek language Pantheon means ‘the temple of every god’. We can see this beautiful square, full of people in the song Small Town Girl where Raj is running with shopping bags and coffee in his hands for Radhika.


Piazza San Marco, Venice, Veneto, Italy

Piazza San Marco is also known as St. Marks Square. It is said that Napoleon called the piazza as the ‘drawing room of Europe’ and I totally agree. Built in 1720, the piazza is a paradise for architects. The romantic number Khuda Jaane shot between Raj and Gayatri starts at this location. Besides this song, the piazza has been a favourite place for many Bollywood directors to shoot various song sequences.

square italykhuda jaane piazza

Alberobello Trulli, Bari, Puglia, Italy

Alberobello is a small town in Puglia in southern Italy, famous for its Trulli. Trulli is a plural for Trullo which means a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof. The Trulli are now protected by UNESCO. Gayatri and Raj are shown playing little game of hide and seek in the song Khuda Jaane at this location.


tuli 1

The Grand Canala, Venice, Italy

Some say that Venice is the sewage of Italy. But please don’t be judgemental about this beautiful city of huge canals. There are water buses and water taxis for public transport. Amazing isn’t it?? And they also have beautiful Gondolas for tourists. Gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat propelled by a gondolier.Six people can share the Gondola ride at a time. It costs 80 Euros for a 40 minutes ride i.e. 6050 Indian rupees. But if you go after 7pm, it will cost you 100 Euros i.e. 7560 Indian rupees for a ride.


In the song Khuda Jaane we can see Gayatri and Raj cuddling on the Gondola. Well, all I can think right now is thank god Raj paid for the trip. Gayatri is ambitious and self made but she just couldn’t afford for this over priced Gondola ride on her taxi and supermarket job salaries.

Vignanotica Bay, Foggia, Puglia, Italy

The Vignanotica Bay, a pebble beach surrounded by many grottos, that can be reached from the sea or following a path cut through Mediterranean vegetation and Aleppo pines, also called Baia dei Gabbiani for the presence of innumerable seagulls. On the hill behind the beach, the whole valley is covered with Olive trees. The grottos became the signature image of the song. Grottos are the natural caves we can see by the sea.


Faraglioni di Mattinata

In Italian, Faraglioni means stacks. Its a geographical phenomenon. Its a coastal and oceanic rock formation, eroded by sea waves. Mattinata is a famous sea side resort town in southern Italy. The Faraglioni at Mattinata beach are scenic and very romantic. Raj and Gayatri are shown romancing on the same sea shore. Behind them we can see the grottos and other huge rock structures eroded by sea and wind.


Gargnao Apulia, Italy

Gargnao is a sub-region of Foggia in the south-east Italy. This mountaing area is partly covered with the ancient forest Foresta Umbra. The mountain and the beach view can be seen in few shots of the song Khuda Jaane.

last image

Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia

Raj decorates the whole Archibald Fountain square with candles, gets on his knee and proposes Gayatri. But unfortunately Gayatri declines his request and leaves him in a state of shock and tears. There he realizes that how Radhika and Mahi must have felt when he dumped them.

hyde park

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Raj and Gayatri can be seen partying in front of the Opera House. It was built in 1973. Many people think that it’s a building with a single venue but actually it comprises multiple performance stages. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

opera house



Travel Shots 8: Jab We Met

Year of release: 2007

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor-Khan

Places seen: Chanddigarh, Shimla, Manali, Rohtang Pass, Patiala, Mumbai

The movie lift up the careers of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor. The movie was a trendsetter and a blockbuster hit. The character of Geet played by Kareena Kapoor Khan was appreciated immensely as it touched the hearts of every single Indian girl. Everyone was Geet in their own way. The story was simple. Geet, a happy go lucky girl, meets Aditya and changes his approach to look at life. Because of an unfortunate incident, she loses her charm and Aditya helps her to get back to the old Geet she was. They fall in love in the process, get married and live happily ever after.


The movie was shot in Mumbai, Punjab, Shimla and in Himalayan foothills.

Rohtang Pass, Manali:

The opening shots of the song Yeh Ishq Haaye were shot here. Geet runs away from home with Aditya to meet her boyfriend in Manali. On the way to Manali, they pass through beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh.

rohtang pass

Naggar Castle, Manali:

The shots displaying Tibetan carnival from the song Yeh Ishq Haaaye were shot here. The crew transformed the historic Naggar Castle into a huge Tibetan. People from surrounding villages were organized to be extras, local shop keepers and balloon vendors hired to provide colorful displays of merchandise, and amusement rides were set up. The result was a vibrant singing and dancing extravaganza featuring traditional dancers, including Tibetan lion dancers, and costumes.

naggar castlenaggar castle 1

Shimla-Kalka Toy Train:

Shimla-Kalka train route was built in 1898 and now its declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Aditya comes to Shimla to bring back Geet. While sightseeing in Shimla, they come across the train and run to catch it. The scene is partly inspired by the famous DDLJ climax train scene.

toy train

Shimla Mall Road:

Mall Road is the main street in Shimla which was built by Britishers. It’s the famous shopping hub and always crowded by tourists.

Aditya comes to Shimla looking for Geet. There he sees her working in a school, staying at a working women’s hostel, devastated. We can see the damsel in distress walking through the Mall Road, with red eyes and nude expressions.

mall road
Shimla Mall Road

Mandawa, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Mandawa is a small town located in the Junjhunu district of Rajasthan. The town is full of havelis and old Rajasthani structures. One of the best travel songs in Bollywood Hum Jo Chalane Lage is from the movie. The song shows the brighter side of Aditya and tracks the emotional journey of Aditya and Geet’s friendship. Aditya and Geet are shown taking their luggage from Kota station and travelling to Bhatinda by road. In the song we can see the famous Mandawa fort in the behind of Geet and Aditya where they are enjoying the ice-gola. The fort has been converted into a heritage hotel so one can enjoy staying over there.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus:

The movie starts with the helpless and stressed Aditya travelling through the city. He arrives at CST and there he boards a train. Geet boards the same train but with much on-the-run drama.

Khandala Bus Station:

Geet and Aditya go through a very happening night from railway station to hotel descent. Finaly this extraordinary night comes to an end at Ratlam bus dept. But it’s actually Khandala bus depot. Whenever you are travelling to Khandala by bus, the same depot is the last stop of your destination.

Lonawala Railway Station:

Geet misses her train twice in a night. Both the station shots were taken at Lonawala Railway Station.


Nabha, Patiyala:

The small town Nabha in Patiyala district of Punjab soon became a talk of town when it became the house of Geet. Nabha was used to represent Geet’s house, garden and farm which the filmmakers said to be in Bhatinda.

Travel Shots 7: Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Year of release: 2007

Director: Reema Kagtil

Actors: Amisha Patel, Abhay Deol, Kay KAy Menon, Boman Irani, Shabana Azmi, Minnisha Lamba, Raima Sen, Diya Mirza, Ranvir Shorey, Arjun Rampal
The movie is a story of six couples on their Honeymoon. The director tells their stories as taking radio as a medium. The movie is an entertainment package. It has superheroes, love stories, feminism, Bollywood romance, suspense, sex and what not! As the script demanded tho movie was shot in honeymooner’s paradise Goa!


The Halke Halke Song:

The song Halke Halke from the movie features various tourist destinations in Goa. The song starts with a scenic view of Dona Paula. The scene where Kay Kay Menon fails in the attempt of showering flowers on his wife was shot at Corjeum fort. Also the couples were shown enjoying the paddling boat rides at Goa Kayaking.

Paddling Boats at Goa Kayaking
Corjeum Fort
dona paula
Dona Paula

Our lady of the Mount Chapel:

The end notes of the song Halke Halke were shot here. The whole song features all couples enjoying except Diya and Ranveer. At the church Diya is shown praying to the god and suddenly her knight in black armor, Arjun, arrives with a gun in his hands. She hugs him and runs away on a shiny Kawasaki Ninja (worth 2 lacs) leaving Ranveer behind.

Our Lady of the Mount Chapel

Aguda Fort:

It’s the fort where Kay Kay Menon drinks a beverage which has heavy dosage of drugs in it. He misunderstands it with a soft drink. Later he gets too high to handle it and dances till he faints.

The Aguda Fort

The Cruise:

The super catchy number from the film Sajana Ji Vaari Vaari was shot on a cruise. The cruise visit should be on your to do list when you are in Goa. Every day the cruise leaves at 5:30pm from the Mandovi river port in the city. The one hour ride lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of the perfect sunset. They also do a small music and dance skit from Goa’s heritage. You can enjoy your evening dancing and singing on the boat with your loved once in just 300Rs.

Dancing On the Cruise

Travel Shots 6: Kaal

Year of release: 2005

Director: Soham Shah

Actors: Ajay Devgan, John Abhraham, Vivek Oberoi, Esha Deol, Lara Dutta

The movie is a story of a group of young people and a ghost. The story takes place in an imaginary national park where people are found dead due to animal attacks. A couple goes there to investigate about the same. Another group of people arrive there to enjoy their weekend. There they meet a tour guide who tells them the ghost stories of the national park. The group members are found dead one by one, and finally the three remaining people run for their lives from the ghost *spoiler alert* who is the tour guide, Kaali.

kaal poster

The movie gives us a social message to save and respect our wildlife. During the filming 25 liters of actual blood was used in the various violent killing scenes. The scenes surely give you the creeps. The film was shot in Corbett National Park and in Thailand. The film takes us closer to the nature and surely inspires us to travel through the thick forest and admire the amazing wildlife we have around us.

Jim Corbett National Park:

The park is named after the famous tiger conservationist Jim Corbett. More than 586 species of birds can be found in the park. The park is famous for the tigers and elephants. Even today the park is working extensively to save the Tigers. The park is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It’s 237 km away from the national capital Delhi. One can reach here by road or by train.

99% of the film was shot in the park. The park is divided into three zones: Public, Tourist and Core. The film was majorly shot in the Tourist and Core zones. As the film makers shot in the core zone without permission, they had to face a law suit.

The pre-climax Bhoot Bunglow scene was also shot here. One can see the bunglow in the park.

The whole cast and crew of the movie stayed in the Manu Maharani Resorts in the park. The resorts are located in the public zone of the park. The camp fire scene in the movie was shot here.


A warning by Kaali
Manu Maharani Resort

Ramganga River:

The Corbett National Park was known as the Ramganga Park in 1954-55. But later it was renamed in 1956. The river is known as the life source of the national park. The scene where Vishal Malhotra dies on the river bridge in the movie was shot on this river. While filming, the bridge collapsed and the whole cast dived into the freezing water.

river 1
The Ramganga River
The River Scene


The famous three-tiger scene in the movie was shot in Bangkok. The scene also marks the entry of Ajay Devgan in the movie. These tigers were also used in the famous 2000 Hollywood movie Gladiator. These 12 foot tigers used to roam on the sets freely. The makers of the film had to shoot with real tigers as the computer generated animated tigers were not looking as real as they wanted to be.

tiger scene
The Famous Tiger Attack Scene


Travel Shots 5: Mr. & Mrs. Iyer

Year of release: 2002

Director: Aparna Sen

Actors: Konkana Sen Sharma, Rahul Bose

Internationally appreciated movie Mr. & Mrs. Iyer takes you far away from Bollywood romantic or tragedy sagas. It takes you closer to the reality. Meenakshi (Konkana Sensharma) belongs to an orthodox Hindu Tamil family. She is travelling with her son Santhanam from a hill station. As she is travelling alone, her father asks Raja Chaudhary (Rahul Bose) to help her if she is in need. Raja reluctantly agrees. They embark on a bus journey which goes through a thick jungle. Soon they realise that they are trapped in a Hindu-Muslim riot situation which lead to impose a curfew in the area. Raja is a Muslim but Meenakshi saves him from a group of Hindu extremists by saying that they are husband-wife. The whole journey they pretend to be a couple which they are not. The personal conflict, the social anarchy, attraction makes the movie serious. But one can’t miss the scenic beauty shown in the film. The director does not disclose the name of the location in the film. The movie was shot at various locations in Himalayan foothills.


The movie inspires us to travel to the core Himalayan forest which is blessed with scenic beauty and wildlife.


Bhutanghat is famous for its scenic beauty. It’s a famous tourist spot for locals. The mystic hills are covered with thick forest, blessed by the river Raidak. It’s just 45km from Alipurduar in West Bengal. There is also a forest bungalow in the hills which was built in 1904 by the Britishers.

The scenes where the tension in the movie starts were shot here. The scenes where bus stops duty heavy traffic and later is attacked by Hindu extremists who eventually lead to a killing of Muslim passenger were shot here. We all remember the tragic shot where Raja finds the teeth of the old Muslim traveler on the banks of the river. That specific river is Raidak.

river bank


The scenic Gorumura national park is overloaded with natural beauty. The park is famous for its natural population of the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros. The park has various watch towers: Yatraprasad Watch tower (named in memory of a legendary elephant of that name), Rhino observation point in front of the Gorumara forest bungalow, Old Khunia Watch Tower near the Murti forest bungalow and Suksukia Bird watching Point. The dense forest flourished on the banks of the rivers Murti and Raidak are is full of Sal trees.

The abandoned bungalow where Meenakshi and Raja are safe kept by police is the real forest bungalow from the park. To give the haunted and old look to the bungalow, the crew of the movie covered it with cobwebs and mud.

The Forest Bunglow


Dooars is derived from a Bengali word ‘Duar’ which means Door. The hilly area is actually considered as a gateway to the Eastern Himalayas. Many parts of the forest are still untouched due to lower tourist interference. Most of the area is preserved with the tag of ‘core area’ as one has to get special permission to enter in those routes. The forest is crowling with various natural wild species like elephants, bisons, rhinos, leopards, sambhars, deers of various types and countless varieties of birds and butterflies. The forest covers a huge area of Jalpaiguri district in West Begal. The forest is blessed by the water of two rivers: Teesta and Sankosh.

The forest region shown in the film was shot extensively in this forest. One can identify the scene where Raja is clicking Santhanam and Meenakshi in early morning sunshine.




Travel Shots 4: Dil Chahata Hai


Year of release: 2001

Director: Farhan Akhtar

Actors: Amir Khan. Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Khanna, Preity Zinta, Sonali Kulkarni, Dimple Kapadiya

This is a story of three best friends Akash (Amir Khan), Siddharth (Akshay Khanna) and Sameer (Saif Ali Khan). The story revolves around their open and free bachelor life, their love interests, passions and relationships with each other and family. The director focuses on all elements of their lives including their family. That’s why the movie just not limits itself in circle of being happy and sad. It’s more than that.poster

The movie inspired a huge number of youth to travel to Goa in their spare time. The three musketeers from the movie go to Goa in a Mercedes and enjoy their stay there with beer and pranks. The movie is still remembered for this trip and even today many hoteliers from Goa thank Farhan Akhtar for the extra bank balance they got after the movie was released. The movie was shot extensively in Mumbai, Goa, Sydney and Mahabaleshwar.

Chapora Fort:

Akash, Siddharth and Sameer are seen sitting and chilling on the Chapora Fort. This specific spot became so famous that even today it’s crowded on weekends and holidays. Earlier when people didn’t know the specific name of the fort, whenever they land in Goa, they use to ask the hoteliers about the Dil Chahata Hai fort. In the beginning hoteliers found the question really stupid but now they themselves insist people to visit this location. The spot is nicknamed after the film.

The Chapora Fort is located near Vagator Beach. It’s 22 km away from Panaji. Parking is available outside the fort but there aren’t any amenities. So if you think that there will be tents for the tourists as they have shown in the climax scene, then you are wrong. Be prepared for a mini-trekking experience as you will have to walk on slippery and tippy stones. Make sure you have ample amount of water and food and the weather is favorable.

The Cliff of Chapora Fort


The spunky number between Sameer and Pooja ‘Woh Ladki Hai Kahaa’ was shot here in bits and pieces. The song was a tribute to Bollywood which had spoofs from 60s, 70s and 80s. The part where Sameer and Pooja are picnicking (Rajesh Khanna style) and the part where the duo is dancing on the edge of the cliff (inspired from Shridevi and Anil Kapoor) was shot here.

Titanic Pose in Anil-Shridevi attire

Sosa’s, Panaji

Sosa’s is great shop if you want to buy some unique Indian clothes. Some shots from the title track of the movie were shot right outside this shop. The 2011 movie Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl was also shot here.

dil chahata hai sosa
The Gang outside Sosa’s


Wilson College

The pre-climax scene where Akash goes through his small flashback was shot here. In the scene he sees the younger version from the past with his friends giggling on the stairs of Wilson College.

Wilson college
Wilson College

The Waverley Cemetery

Opened in 1877, the cemetery is on the top of the cliffs at Bronte, eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Many famous Australian citizens were buried in this cemetery. It’s famous for its Victorian and Edwardian monuments. A piece from the ‘Tanhayee’ song from the movie was shot here. In the song we can see Akash walking through the pathway, standing near a grave helpless. The grave in this song is used very symbolically. He has lost the person whom he loves and don’t know what to do. He is unhappy with his life but he have to live with this sorrow. He doesn’t know how to get away from this pain.

The Waverley Cemetery

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The all in one Sydney Harbour Bridge which carries rail, vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic can be seen many times in the film. Once in the song ‘Tanhayee’, where Akash is sitting on railing and the bridge is right behind him. The view from his office window also gives a sneak pick of the bridge. Also Shalini and Akash are shown admiring the bridge in the song ‘Jaane Kyu’.

the vridge

Milsons Point Railway Station

The 2 tracked railway station is located on the north shore line of Sydney suburb. The station shots of the song ‘Tanhayee’ were shot here.


Macquaire Lighthouse

The Macquire Lighthouse is also known as the South Head Upper Light. It’s the first and longest serving lighthouse in Australia. It is located on Dunbar Head, Vaucluse about 2km south of South Head near the entrance to Sydney Harbour. A shot from the song ‘Tanhayee’ was taken here.

Macquaire Lighthouse

light house

Fox Studios, Moore Park

Founded in 1998 the studio is one of the biggest Australia. The outdoor street scenes in Sydney were shot here. One can identify the scene where Akash, Shalini and her uncle are walking on the street talking about the movie they recently saw.

Fox Studios, Moore Park

Hyde Park, Sydney

The oldest parkland in Australia is located in the heart of Sydney. Established in 1878, the park holds the area of 40acres. The park is named after the Hyde Park in London and is famous for hosting various sports. Shalini and Akash are shown picnicking in the garden and dancing on the tunes of ‘Jaane Kyu’.

Jaaane kyon spot
The Bench where Shalini sat
hyde park, sydney
Hyde Park, Sydeny

Luna Park, Sydney

We all have a friend in our group who is afraid of going into a roller coaster rides at theme parks. So was Shalini. Akash teases her and connivances her to get on the ride and they are seen enjoying it to the fullest. The ride they took was at the Luna Park located in Milson Point. The multipurpose park allows you to have fun with friends and family, organise kids’ parties and also you can have your dreamy lavish wedding.

Luna Park
Luna Park, Sudney

Sydney Opera House

Shalini and Akash were seen enjoying the Arial view of the famous Sydney Opera House. It was built in 1973. Many people think that it’s a building with a single venue but actually it comprises multiple performance stages. It has been identified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In one incident, Shalini invites Akash to watch the Troilus and Cressida opera. The whole opera sequence was shot here with special permission.

Talking about the Arial view, if you want to re-live the fun Akash and Shalini had in the helicopter over Sydney, you totally can. There are many helicopter rides available in the city for tourists ranging from 700$ to 1500$. You can enjoy the view, do some photography or can make your own short film.bridge



Travel Shots 3: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Year of release: 1999

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Actors: Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The movie is based on Maitreyi Devi’s novel ‘Na Hanyate’. It’s a love triangle. Aishwarya (Nandini) falls in love with happy go lucky Salman (Sameer). But she marries Ajay (Vanraj) under the emotional pressure given by her family. Vanraj is in love with Nandini but soon he gets to know about Nandini’s affair with Sameer and he decides to reunite the lovers. They both head out to Italy looking for Sameer. In this period Nandini starts falling for Vanraj. And when she comes face to face with Sameer, she confesses that now she loves Vanraj not him. She returns to Vanraj and they live happily ever after.


The film showcases wide range of bright colours. Each frame looks fresh, vibrant and pleasing. It was filmed throughout the Gujrat-Rajasthan border region. According to the story teller, the second half of the story takes place in Italy but actually all the locations shown are from Budapest, Hungary. Budapest looks similar to Italy in many ways. Also financially its much cheaper and easier in terms of getting permits if you shoot in Hungary instead of Italy. We don’t mind cheating the locations but the locals speaking Hungarian and Hungarian sign boards surely highlights the feeling of being cheated.

Rann of Katch:

The opening song of the film ‘Manmohini’ was shot in one of the largest salt desert in world, Rann of Kachch. The colourful ride and dresses surely enriched the beauty of the dried up land. The super fast catchy track tries to compete with the overheated sun. Just imagining the cast and crew shooting and dancing in such deadly heat makes me sweat. You can visit the Katch during the Rann Utsav organised by the Gujrat sate government. This is an annual 3 day winter festival.

More about festival:

rann of katchrann of katch

Jaisalmer Fort:

The marvelous Jaisalmer Fort has been a paradise in desert for filmmakers. Each pillar and corner of the fort is photogenic and soothing. Also known as the ‘Sone ka Qila’ the fort is a blend of Islamic and Rajput architecture. May be that’s why the director choose this location to film the ‘Albela Sajan’ song.

Gadisagar Lake:

The rainwater lake is situated in the heart of the city Jaisalmer. Once it was the only source of water in northern Rajasthan. The lake hosts the ;Gangur Festival’ every year in March or April, when the the single women gather together and throw flowers in the lake for to get a good husband.

This is the place where Salman and Aishwarya are seen getting their singing lessons from Vikram Gokhale. The shirtless Salman tries to charm Aishwarya and her father with his singing skills and sexy looks.

Rao Lakha Cenopath, Chhattaradi, Bhuj:

The canopy in Bhuj belongs to the Jadeja rulers of the Kutch. The chhatri of Rao Lakhpatji is very famous for its intricate designs & carvings. Unfortunately it faced major destruction in the earthquake happened in 2000. The restoration work is going on. So if you go today, it won’t give you the similar site like seen in the movie, but it surely tries to uphold the heritage.

A few shots from the song ‘Albela Sajan’ were taken at this site. The specific lines from the movie shot at this structure are soothing and enriched with the Classical tunes of Indian music. Ironically, another scene shot at this location has a sad tone. Aishwarya and Salman are seen taking the Saat Phere at this location. With each phera Aishwarya explains its meaning and importance to Salman. While having their so called Gandharv Vivah, Aishwarya’s father barges in and he stops the ritual. He gets to know about her affair with his student and he is heartbroken. In the rage he takes her away and from here their tragic love story takes a sad turning point.

Orchard Palace, Gondal:

The Orchard Palace in Gondal was built in the 19th century to accommodate the guests of the Maharajas. You can enjoy your Royal stay here at any time of the year with previous bookings.

This beautiful white haveli is shown as the home of Ajay Devgan. The scene where Ajay drags Aishwarya out of the house after knowing her past affair was shot here. The furniture, the curtains, the artifacts and even the car in the courtyard gives you the hint of the royal class and aura.

Orchard palace

 Vijay Vilas Palace, Madavi, Gujrat:

The palace was built in 1920s for the then Yuvraj Shri Vijayraji and was named after him. The red stonned palace is full of carvings and is an architectural marvel. The royal family of Princely State of Kutch now reside permanently in the palace. They have turned a major part of the palace into a luxurious hotel. You can enjoy your stay there with enjoying the numerous facilities provided by the hotel.

The palace was used in the movie as the home of Aishwarya. The song ‘Chand Chupa’ was shot on the terrace of the palace. The extended porch, water canals, large rooms, marble fountain, the carved chhatris and chhajjas, can be seen throughout the film.

vijay vilas palace 1vijay vilas palace

The Sunflower field:

Ajay and Aishwarya miss their bus and a hippie couple gives them a ride. Mid way they try to rob them and accidently Aishwarya gets shot near her neck. Ajay carries her in his arms through the bright yellow sunflower field and tries to get help from the passers. There are huge yellow flower fields in Hungary as they are an important part of their culture and economy. There are some fields right outside the capital city Budapest. There are various baudget hotels and resorts near these fields across the country. Artists and writers prefer living here as these places are far away from city and noise.

yellow field

The Royal Hungarian Opera House:

The major scene where finally Aishwarya and Salman come face to face is shot at this largest opera house in Hungary. The opera house has marble staircase and colums. The mail hall holds a bronze chandelier weighing 3050 kg. You can see this chandelier when Ajay and Aishwarya enter the main hall of the Opera House. The horseshoe shaped auditorium can hold 1,261 people at once. It is said that the director changed the curtains of the house into gray to match the emotion of the scene. It is where Aishwarya tells Salman that she got married and now she loves her husband and he should move on too.

opera houseopera

Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Hungary

The Szechenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest is known as a symbol of advancement, national awakening, and the linkage between East and West. It’s built over the Danube River. This place is where Aishwarya hugged both of her heroes in the film. There is a scene where Aishwarya runs fiercely, doesn’t even care for her expensive Pashmina shawl and resides in the arms of her boyfriend Salman. This scene was shot in pleasant day light. Another scene on the same bridge was shot at night. It’s the climax scene of the movie where Aishwarya walks towards her husband, Ajay with silent and confident steps. She confesses her love for him and they hug on the background of the beautiful night sky lighten with heavy fireworks.



10 Things You Experience Traveling With Your Mother

We travel for various reasons and with various people. But when we are travelling with our mother, the whole definition of travel changes. Everyone thinks that you two travelling together will help to bring you two closer. But something more than that happens. So here I made a list of things which happen when we travel with our mother and I am sure that every one of you have experienced it in bits and pieces.

Food Overload

There are various types of tours. Adventure, sports, pilgrimage or touring around the city sightseeing. Be it any kind of tour, with your mom it comes with a sub-category called ‘Food Tour’. She packs a lot of food to eat when you travel. It doesn’t matter you are travelling for two days or twenty days, she makes sure that you won’t sleep empty stomach on any day. From biscuits to fruits, parathas and pickle, chips and chocolates (of course the healthy once) she gets everything. And all these items increase the number of our bag count by one.

The food tour is just isn’t about what you have to carry from home. It’s also about what you buy in your trip. Wherever you go, your mom will hunt a shop down where they sell local masalas, papad and other delicacies. She seeks our opinion on the food products she is buying though we will not be able to cook any of it. And mark my words; the opinion should be good and positive.

mom's tiffin
Mom’s Tiffin

The Extra Baggage

She never travels light. Her bag is full with extra clothes, medicines, shawls, sweaters, scarves, books and toiletries. Obviously her bag isn’t big enough to fit all these items in, so she turns to you. You have to accommodate the other extra things in your bag like extra pair of sandals, gifts for friends and family you might be visiting, the extra laundry bags. This surely flushes down your plan of travelling light.

travel bags
Extra Bags

Packing in Compartments

No matter how much you try, you will never learn to pack a bag neatly when your mother is around you. When she comes to you to give you the extra stuff to pack in your bag and you refuse, man you get ‘the look’. The look tells you that now she will take over and pack your things. This is a nightmare to everyone. Meanwhile she lecture you that you are a grown up and you should learn to pack your own bags now, every time she will warn you that this is the last time she is packing for you, she will threw away half of the things you packed which will give you a heartache, and when she asks you why you need it you will find yourself without a proper answer (even if you have one it won’t work on her). Because she packs in compartments, all neat and clean, you will find your things easily. You don’t have to dig up the whole suitcase to find one toothbrush. At such moments you thank your mother willingly (but only in your mind).

compartment bags
With mom, you can carry the drawers

Adjustment? What’s That?

When we travel alone or with friends, we do a lot of adjustments. Like for hotel rooms, travelling mode, food, shopping and sightseeing. But with mother on board, there is no word called ‘adjustment’ in your travel manual. She wants it all perfect. And she won’t even mind spending some extra money to get it right. She can even get into fights on the issues like late room service, bad AC in your car, unclean tourist places and even the sun or the snow. The fights and arguments will drive you nuts even embarrass you but at the end of it when you get the best service the earlier clashes won’t matter.

She is the Decision Maker

Which destination, where to stay, how to go, when to go, what to eat, whom to choose as your travel guide: these 5 W’s and 1 H comes along when you travel with your mom. She is your boss and nominates herself as the decision maker. There is no democracy in this realm. You have to follow her blindly whether you like it or not. She will ask your opinions time to time but very few will be actually considered.

Money Matters

It doesn’t matter you are the money maker or not, each and every penny you spend will come from her purse. She spends on food, travel, accommodation and shopping. If you are earning you will feel a little awkward to make her spend everywhere but she doesn’t take it as an obligation. She even puts some money in your hands, if you want to spend. But you use it only to pay for the cups of tea you drink while travelling.  This way the remaining money goes into your little savings piggy bank.

Finances in her hands

Always Keeping an Eye on You

She is keeping an eye on your every move. Where you go, with whom you talk, where your eyes are boggling. This can be irritating sometimes. If you are on the phone for too long, you will hear some bad words from her. But when she secretly buys the goodies you were checking out at the gift shop, being her eye candy doesn’t concern anymore.

She Tries to Get the ‘Information Out’

Your mom doesn’t need to file an application of RTI to get your dirty secrets out. She will start the conversation casually and you will end up spilling your beans. She gets it all out, whom you use to date, who you are interested in, about your friends and even sometimes she plays the V card. And trust me you can’t get away from her. There are no doors or windows here to run away. You have to answer her. These little tricks can be a pain your ass but later you feel relieved. Because secrets don’t keep you close, the truth makes the bond more special.

Do You Have One?

Take Care of All the Important Things

Your passports, tickets, visas, hotel reservations, car bookings and extra expenses all are taken care of by her. You don’t need a travel agency to arrange all things. Your supermom is capable to do it all by herself. She makes lists of to do things, packing items, itinerary, important contacts and a check list to make sure that everything is done. She plans and make sure that the plan will execute neatly. Her multi layered multi tasking will make you envy her. No matter how much you try you will never be able to compete with her.

check list
Pen and Paper

Ban on Singing Lovebirds

You can’t talk to your lovey dovey by just sneaking out to buy milk or to recharge your phone. Coz those tricks won’t work when you are travelling. You have to compromise on whats app and messengers. You may have to face numerous fights due to this but you can’t help it. You can’t talk to him or her in front of your mother. As your mom is already keeping a close eye on you, you don’t want her to suspect anything. You just wait when she will go for her bath or she goes into a specific shop where you don’t want to go or you just crave for a few minutes alone.

on phone
Long Distance Relationships

Travel Shots 2: Silsila

Year of release: 1981

Director: Yash Chopra

Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Jaya Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kapoor

The epic romantic drama was inspired from the real life story of the lead pair, Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan. Rekha and Amitabh are doomed in love for each other, they are planning to get married soon. But here the drama strikes and Amitabh’s brother, Shashi Kapoor, dies leaving his pregnant fiancée behind. Now Amitabh don’t have any choice to marry his could be sister in law to save her honor. At the same time, devastated Rekha marries Sanjeev Kapoor. The duo meets shortly and starts having extra marital affair. After many ups and downs, hide & seeks and a quirky holi song, the film comes to an end where they get back to their weded partners willingly accepting the reality. The movie did not go well on the box office because it challenged the very sacred institution of marriage. But still it made a special place in the hearts of many movie lovers and inspired them to travel to some special places shown on screen.

silsila poster
Silsila Movie Poster

The Tulip Gardens:

The romantic number ‘Dekha ek Khwab’ was shot partly in the Keukenhof tulip gardens in The Netherlands. The tulips were seen for the first time on Indian silver screen. We can see Rekha and Amitabh walking by, romancing on the tunes of the song by the floods of Tulips. The fresh and bright red, yellow, orange tulips were as splendid as their chemistry. Keukenhof (Kitchen garden) is famously known as the Garden of Europe. It is situated near Lisse, Netherlands and is the world’s largest flower garden.

Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Netherlands


Bollywood enjoyed shooting in Kashmir in the pre-insurgency period. Many scenes in the film are shot in the crowned state of India. Even the song ‘Dekha ek Khwab’ was partly shot in Pahalgam. Aru Valley can also be seen timely. When you take a trip to Kashmir, your guide will spend half of his time showing you different places where the couples from Silsila romanced around.

Singing on the shores of Lidder River
Lidder River, Pahalgam
Aru Valley


The film’s protagonists live in Delhi. So obviously streets, gardens, hotels and buildings from the capital can be seen in bits and pieces especially the Lodhi garden.

images (1)
Lodhi Garden, Delhi

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