Mumbai: Eat, Pray, Love & Magic Beans

We have seen Julia Roberts’s trip around three countries in the world, discovering herself through the Eat, Pray and Love philosophy. The book and the movie inspired many of us to set ourselves on this kind of trip. But it didn’t happen with us. For any possible reason the plans kept lingering in our heads. But what if I tell you that you can have those moments in a day that too on a single street in Mumbai. Unbelievable right? But some dreams do come true and they end up giving you a brand new basket of magic beans. So ladies grab your purse and walk towards The Colaba Causeway as the road has much more to offer than you imagine.


Colaba Causeway has a number of places to satisfy your test buds. But among them all, my favorite is the Leopold Cafe. Founded in 1871, this cafe offers mouthwatering food, drought beer, hot breweries and dishes like lemon tart for your sweet tooth! The cafe has a unique sitting arrangement and is always crowded. I just cant pick one dish from the menu to say its my favorite but if given an option, I would love to have a masala omelet (which they serve with Amul butter and a slice of bread) with a hot cup of filter coffee on my table. Let it be lunch, brunch, high tea or just drinking with your pals, it’s a testy ride!

leopold cafe
The Leopold Cafe and Bar


Colaba is rich in old historical monuments. Many building are built by the Parsi community and the Britishers in colonial era. One of the eye catching structures is The Afghan Chuch. The church was built by the Britishers to commemorate the dead of the First Afghan War. Built in the Gothic style, there are many plaques in and around the church. The calm and soothing air of the church surely drifts you apart from the crowded honking roads.

afghan church
The Afghan Church


At one end of the Colaba causeway you have the famous Regal cinema. This old fashioned cinema house offers you a visual treat from many language. usually when we decide to watch a movie, we choose a theater, then we choose a movie by reading nearly 10-15 reviews. but whats fun in that? Just going on the ticket window and buying tickets of the latest show of any random movie is more exciting. So if you have few extra hours to spare on your clock, go and watch a movie at Regal. Fall in love with the characters, the old smokey building and of course the popcorn!

Regal Cinema

But unfortunately you don’t have those 3 hrs or you just don’t feel like going for a movie. here you can give a little Cinderella touch to your fairy tale. You can easily hire a horse cart for one big round around the street. This one round takes you through the main Colaba Causeway, Marine Drive, Gate Way of India and also allows you to take a glimpse of the beautiful heritage Hotel Taj. This one romantic ride can cost you from 500-1000 bucks depending on the day, time and your bargaining skills!

horse cart
Decorated Horse Cart



Buy Veromoda, Zara and Mango designs in 300-500 Rs.

Khadi pants in just 250 Rs.

Designer flip flops, studded sandals, casual chappals and steletoes from 100 Rs.

Antique decor pieces in 500-2000 Rs.

Trendy glasses in 100 Rs.

Yes these rates are true but only if you are shopping in the right place in the right city. Ladies, shopping is the magic bean basket ‘Eat Pray Love’ philosophy you enjoy on the Colaba Causeway. The street is full of street vendors and shops. If you are brand crazy, you can always enter in one of the air conditioned shops on the road. But if you are on a budget and want to have the latest designs in your closet, street shopping is a must. Buy antiques, jewelry, clothes and all the sub-sub categorical stuff which comes under these tags in cheap rates. while shopping, don’t forget to bargain and never give up on your price. Start from half of the price the vendor is quoting.

Eg. If vendor is selling a cute crop top for 300, start the bargain from 100. End up buying the top in 150 by quoting ‘aapaka nahi meraa nahi, 150 kar do‘ (just find the middle way between the two prices). You are always on the win-win side in such situations.

Shop till you Drop

How to get there?

Take a taxi or a cab from CST. It will cost you only 50 Rs. Or you can take a bus right outside from CST. For bus details, ask anyone around or go through your M-indicator app.




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