Better than The Taj Mahal

Sorry Mr. Shahajahaan but I don’t think that Taj Mahal is the most beautiful structure of the world. I agree that I haven’t seen the whole world to make such a rude comment but I have seen the Taj Mahal and today I saw CST.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier know as Victoria Terminus is nothing but a gem. The building has its own aura, an attitude and a strong will power. It never lets you down. The building has been a standing witness of many historical events. The building is home for many, it’s the place from where people earn their bread and butter. A voyage is incomplete if you don’t come here. From bloodshed to mob dance its been drenched in the tears of fear and joy. May be that’s why I was filled with super positive energy as soon as I led down my eyes on it.
When I was standing in front of this building, i just stood there. I literally froze. I don’t have any words to express what i felt in those minutes but I skipped a heartbeat. Those who haven’t seen this great architecture in person, I request you to go and just look at the structure. It’s not necessary to know the historical timeline of a heritage monument. Just stand there and feel the aura. The goosebumps on your hands and bubbles in your stomach will confirm that you fell in love! And the love with this structure has no boundaries of time for sure.





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