The Ellora Saga: The Impressions

A man was working in the caves. He had a big fleur de lis inked on his back. He was building a pathway in the cave, with a big open door. Everyone was curious that where the pathway will lead. One day he was in that small, dark and cozy cave, hammering his other way out. Suddenly the wall fell down. From the clouds of dust, he saw a man coming towards him. A man with white skin and brown hair. They both looked at each other and two heart beats were skipped at both ends. They felt the noctilucent clouds dancing around them. That man had a small lotus inked on his forearm.
As they came together, lightening struck. They ran for their lives and finally found a way out from the cave. They walked towards the light.
Outside that door he found himself alone standing next to the big open door of the cave he once built. Now his fleur de lis was gone and instead he had a lotus inked on his forearm.



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