The Ellora Saga: Surprise!

She was breathing fiercely. Inhale. Exhale. Her lungs were full with pleasure and satisfaction. She looked down at her legs and she couldn’t feel them. She was tired so she slept quickly in his arms.
She woke up after hours and found herself alone in the bed, dressed and styled in silk and gold. The bed was surrounded with a lake full of lotus plants. She could here the trumpets of elephants. She felt his hand on her left shoulder from behind. She was thrilled. She had goosebumps. She moved to turn back but she was stuck. She got confused. She looked down at her legs and she couldn’t feel them. They were gone. A pure drop of tear came from her eye. She looked at him with teary eyes but he was gone. There was a man with a mask of big mustache. She got scared. She closed her eyes tight. She was shivering. She had goosebumps. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself sleeping on the lotus petals, tied in a big chain of pearls. She was breathing fiercely. Inhale. Exhale. She was trapped in the tangible desires.



The Ellora Saga: Hide and Seek

He was drenched in sweat. She was drenched in milk. His hands were raw and heavy. Her hands were as soft as rose petals. He was stinking. Her fragrance was aromatic. He had a bulky physic. She was smoking hot. He never got anything easily. She was born with a silver spoon.
They met. And fell in love. Opposite attracts. It was a perfect fit. A perfect jigsaw.
One day she went to meet him. He was working. She waited. He worked. She got bored. He was carving. Her impatience grew. He was hammering. She got angry. He was cutting. She walked towards him. He was breaking. She fought with him. He tried to convince her. She threw his equipments away. He got angry. She got scared. He fought back. She cried. He realized his mistake. She ran away. He followed her. She disappeared. He is still looking  for her.

hide and seek

The Ellora Saga: The Impressions

A man was working in the caves. He had a big fleur de lis inked on his back. He was building a pathway in the cave, with a big open door. Everyone was curious that where the pathway will lead. One day he was in that small, dark and cozy cave, hammering his other way out. Suddenly the wall fell down. From the clouds of dust, he saw a man coming towards him. A man with white skin and brown hair. They both looked at each other and two heart beats were skipped at both ends. They felt the noctilucent clouds dancing around them. That man had a small lotus inked on his forearm.
As they came together, lightening struck. They ran for their lives and finally found a way out from the cave. They walked towards the light.
Outside that door he found himself alone standing next to the big open door of the cave he once built. Now his fleur de lis was gone and instead he had a lotus inked on his forearm.


The Ellora Saga: The Cloak of Invisibility

So one fine day they all got bored. Bored of posing, being static and being an eye candy. So they decided to shred their identities they were holding for centuries. That night they stole the cloak of invisibility from the bright shining moon in the sky.
Next morning the guards opened the gates at 6 am and she entered into the caves the next second. All her eyes could see was a huge plain rock body. Rock without faces, flowers or poses. She went through the pillars, the empty halls and the abandoned galleries. But she couldn’t find a single scratch. She was tired and lonely. She felt betrayed. She thought they got bored of her, her love, her affection and care. She cursed her over possessive nature. She thought that she could have done anything to make it work. But they all were gone. Now there was nothing in her hands. She was hopeless and helpless.
So she sat there for hours, inside the Kailash temple. She cried and moaned and slept in that deep dark sorrow. And when she woke up, she saw that she was sleeping on the Dyūta Mandal carved on plain rock body.


The Ellora Saga: The Colour Rain

She was solo traveling to the Ellora caves. Making sketches, copying designs in her small yellow book. She was wearing a magnificent colourful scarf. It was looking beautiful amongst those quite and old colour dead stones.
Though she was alone she knew that someone is following her. Looking at her, especially her colourful scarf. She tried to ignore but later she decided to confront that person. So she turned and looked around for that person but couldn’t find anyone. She left from that particular cave thinking that she might be hallucinating.
She roam around the whole day. From cave to cave; from sculpture to sculpture. But the eyes kept following her.
And then she entered in the cave no 16. Here the presence of eyes grew stronger. She went upstairs. There she had an amazing  view of the surroundings and suddenly she heard an unusual sound. Natural but unusual for that place. It was the sound of the heavily flowing river. The gratitude of the sound grew within seconds. She felt like she was standing at the banks of a river with great volume of water. She looked around for the origin and there she saw Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati carved on the balcony. The still  stones were making the sound.
She went near them without any fear. She touched those stones and her scarf was taken from her.
The next day all the caves were as colourful and bright as her scarf was. But in that colour rain, she was lost. Never to be found again.

the colour rain

The Ellora Saga: The Thinking Bath

She weaved him good bye and left from his apartment. She was happy, satisfied, calm and composed. Every muscle in her body was relaxed. As she reached her home she saw him waiting for her. He took her in her arms and she had the same feeling again.
She was guilty. She loved them both equally. she couldn’t choose between them. so next day morning she grabbed her towel and went for an unusual ‘thinking bath’. She was standing at the bottom of the waterfall where Sita used to bath. She sat there in the water for hours, thinking, that what should she do? Whom should she choose? Who is her one true love? Who respects her, loves her and trusts her equally??
Her fingertips started turning white with wrinkles. She rose from her seat. Walked towards the wall of the fall and the stones consumed her. Leaving her confusions unanswered…
And now here I am sitting next to my bucket full of water, ready to have my bath, thinking what answer did the nature gave to her?

The Ellora Saga: The Suicide

She slipped. She died. Everyone accused him, blamed him, cursed him. They thought it was his fault. he gave her the access to die. Everyone started to hate him. but no one could harm him for his so called ruthless act. Everyone said that it was because of his strong position that no one could take an action against him. So he stood there without getting paid for the crime he didn’t commit neither stopped from happening.
He was hurt. He wanted to stop her, to tell her that life and death is a cycle of nature. But he couldn’t at that moment. after all he was nothing but a statue of Buddha carved at the edge of the cliff.

Love Letter

When travelling around, chasing your dream, you forget to tell your loved once how much you love them, feel for them, care for them or what their presence really means for you…

I love you because you make me feel special. You make every day of my life memorable. You make me laugh. Sometimes you do make me cry or put me through the guilt trips I don’t want to be in, but at the end of the day you hold me, kiss my neck and softly say I love You!!

I love the way you whisper my name. I love the way you play with my fingers. I love the way pull my chick. I love the way you look at me.

I love to rest my head on your shoulder. I love to put my hands around you when you are driving. I love to hold your hand when we are walking. I love the way you smell. I love the way you put your hands on my waist.

I love the curves on your lips when you smile. I love your big forehead. I love the softness of your body. I love the sparkle in your eyes.

I love the way you see me every day. I love those names you address me with. I love the way you just say ‘hmm’ instead of I love you on phone. I love your soft yawns in our early morning calls. I love your melodious morning voice.

I love it when you see me through the crowd. I love it when you protect me in the crowd. I love the feeling of security with you when we are alone together.

I love the way you make maggi for me. I love the way you bring coffee for me. I love the way you watch me while eating.

I love my life because I have you in it. I love my body because you are there to admire it. I love my soul because you make it pure every day.

P.S. 1: Did I tell you I love you?

P.S. 2: I love you

P.S. 3: This is for all those days I forgot to tell you how much I love you.

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