Bird’s Paradise: Bhigwan

What is Bhigwan?

Bhigwan is a small village in Maharashtra on the borders on Pune-Solapur districts. Bhigwan is a good example of geo-ecological phenomena of tourism. This place is a real paradise for nature and bird lovers and photographers! Every year thousands of birds migrate on the banks of Bhima River near Bhigwan from Siberia and northern countries. You can see birds like Rollers, bee-eaters, Coppersmith Babblers, Crow Pheasants, Gray hornbills, Ducks, Terns, Tawny Eagles, Cotton Pigmy Goose, Lesser Whistling Teal, Ruff and the list goes on…

While entering in the village you can see the birds flying up in the sky. But you can have a good look if you enter in the lake on a boat. There are rented boats available near the lake. The boat man gives you all the information you need. They charge 100-150rs per person which is very reasonable.

How to go?

Bhigwan is just 106km away from Swargate. It’s located on the borders of Pune-Solapur districts of Maharashtra.

There are three ways to reach Bhigwan:

  1.  The ST buses will drop you to Bhigwan on NH9. But from there you have to walk down nearly 6-8kms to reach   to the actual bird sight.
  2. There is also a railway station at Bhigwan. There are 7 trains from Pune which can take you to Bhigwan. But from station you have to walk because there is no transportation to take you to the site.
  3. The best way to reach Bhigwan is personal transport. Take NH9 from Swargate through Hadapsar. This will lead you towards Bhigwan. You have to be careful on NH9 because it is a very crowded highway and construction works are going on. After 100kms take left in Bhigwan village and from there nearly 6-8kms ride will take you to Kumbhar Wadi where on the banks of river Bhima you can see the birds.


What to eat?

Near the lake the locals who arrange boats can also arrange food for you. After reaching there you have to give the order in prior so while you are enjoying bird watching they can cook for you. You can get vegetarian food, fish curry, egg curry and chicken curry in very reasonable rates. The food they serve is homemade that’s why it’s very testy and you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

They also arrange for snacks on prior notice.

Where to stay?

Most of the times people make the one day trip to Bhigwan but if you are interested in staying there the people, who provide you food, can also provide shelter. There are no hotels or lodges. You have to share a room in their house.

Disha’s Tip of the Day 

  1.        Don’t give any kind of food to the birds it can be dangerous for them
  2.        Don’t leave plastic bags or tins or any metal things in the lake which will harm the birds
  3.        Don’t forget to take a good camera with you in which you can capture very beautiful memories

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