Trip to Sinhgad

Last Sunday morning me and my roommates were enjoying our deep sleeps till late 9am in our blankets. It was a cloudy morning because of monsoon. One of my roommates started shouting at us so that we could wake up and listen to her plan which she made in her dreams!

She dreamt that we all are on Sinhgad fort and enjoying the bhutta and clicking lots of photos! We listened to her and got our heads back in our blankets. But for surprise we all were out of our room within 10 minutes, wearing comfortable clothes and shoes to climb up the fort!!

pune darwaja
Pune Darwaja

How To Go?

I asked this question to my friends after leaving the room. We were four and we didn’t have a vehicle. Usually people ride to Sinhgad on their bikes because it is the more convenient way to reach their. If one is going on its own vehicle Sinhgad fort is only 26km from Pune.

But you don’t have to worry if you don’t possess a vehicle. There are two ways to get to the fort without taking your own vehicle.

One way which we used is changing the vehicle twice! First we got a six-seater at Rajaram Bridge on Sinhgad Road. The six-seater leaves you at Donaje Fata. From there you can get another vehicle which will take you to the fort. On week days each ride will cost you around 30rs per person but on weekends you will have to pay 50rs or more for each ride.

The second way is public transport. There are buses to Sinhgad Fort from Swargate as well as Shanivarwada bus depot.

For my friends who want to have a small trek-trip, you can take the six-seater till ‘payatha’ and from there start climbing the fort. You can cover the distance easily only in 20-30 minutes.

What’s on the Fort?

At the actual site where the steps of the fort start there is a big parking area surrounded by many small and large tea shops. Both the sides of the fort are occupied by sellers with their baskets full of mouth watering slightly boiled peanuts, bhutta and sweet green mango cut in big pieces and sprinkled with tasty spices!!!

mouth watering penuts

There are memorials of Veer Tanaji Malusare and Rajaram, younger son of Shivaji on the fort. Tanaji was a general of Shivaji who lost his life in the Battle of Sinhagad.

You can also visit a Kali temple along with a Hanuman statue on the right side of the temple. As well as the historic gates like Kalyan Darwaja  and Pune Darwaja on the south east and north-east ends of the fort respectively.

Dev Taake, Mahaar Taake, Raam Taake, Prachin Taake  and Ganesh Taake are the old water tanks situated in different parts of the fort. These tanks were used to provide fresh and sweet water on the fort. There is also a small lake near the memorial of Veer Tanaji.

There is also an old structure of arms and ammunition storage room.

Old Structure of Arms and Ammunition Storage Room

old strucxture
Old structure of arms and ammunition storage room

Near the Prachin Taake there is an old stone structured stable. Also there is a bungalow of freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak on the fort.You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the fort. You can have a picturesque view of Torana Fort, Panshet Dam and Khadkwasala Dam from the fort.

What’s There To Eat?
The people living on the fort operate small dhabas serves traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. Kanda bhaji, pithala-bhakari, bharit, sweet curd and masala taak are the speciality. The sitting arrangement gives you the feel of enjoying in the lap of nature. The food is affordable but the rates change as per weekends, just like transportation.

While roaming and enjoying on the fort you can also please your tongue by testing mouthwatering Kulfi. The sellers offer you three types of Kulfis- Mango Kulfi, Mava-Malai Kulfi and Malai Kulfi.

sinhgad 14
Man selling kulfi on the fort


Disha’s Tip Of The Day

Don’t forget to take two important things with you on the fort. A good camera and a water bottle are necessary.
The best season to visit the fort is monsoon. Prefer rain coats or jackets than umbrella because the fast flowing wind won’t allow you to stick with your umbrella!

Photo Courtesy: durgeSh Parmarthi



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